Paris Purchase I: Cute Little Céline Wallet

Céline SS13 Multifunction Compact Wallet in Pink/Rust Lambskin

I saw a similar wallet on the Purseforum from a member who bought the same style wallet but in blue and red. It was a really cute wallet I thought at the time and I’ve never seen it before in the States. It’s got just enough CC slots, bill folder, and a coin pouch – all neatly put together in a compact wallet. So while I was in Paris, on my trip to the last Céline boutique on Grenelle, I spotted this cute little thing and then it was a done deal 😀




2 thoughts on “Paris Purchase I: Cute Little Céline Wallet

  1. hi, i’m searching celine wallet and see your pretty wallet in pink color of two tone. i’m in Hongkong, and never see this size even ebay. T.T

  2. Hi there,

    it is a pretty popular model… I am not sure why HK would not carry it. Sometimes seasonal offerings in particular styles may differ, but this style has been around for many years. The color combo however is more limited and not offered this season.

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