Finally A Dedication to Shanghai

Charles Philip Shanghai SS13 “Yasmine” Butterfly Satin Slippers – Neiman Marcus Exclusive


^Picture credit Neiman Marcus

It’s been a while since fashion has returned to Asia. Many people have forgotten the glory of Shanghai in the beginning of the last century when the country suffered in poverty and people roamed the streets with dismal hope for decades later. Its cultural riches in traditional handmade works continued to live on. So I’m really glad that this newcomer brand has chosen to base its production in Shanghai which is known for its fabrication of pearls, shoes, and cheong sam. By the way, I am very fond of Shanghai Tang, such an exquisite mix of Chinese tailoring and modern fabrics and cuts. I need one of their dresses one day! 🙂

Anyhow, this reveal is about my new CP flats which is very comfortable. I am actually really impressed with the quality, and thus a dedicated post is needed for them! The insole is leather, outsole is rubber, and the lining is CP’s signature cotton twill. The box is sturdy and comes with a matching dustbag. Not only so, what I was blown away by was the attention to detail – have you seen such cute shoe pillows with bamboo pins to hold their shape??!!! I should also mention that they retailed for US$155 and I got them for a steal at $55!





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