A Disappointing Rant And An Unexpected Rave…



Well I was not planning for another beauty haul, I promise, but recently my beloved T3 hair styling iron died… I was devastated. I brought it to Europe forgetting to bring my adapter (good quality), but I saw that my mom had brought hers (poor quality from $ store) which my dad was using for his computer. His computer seemed to work fine, so I thought it was safe to use it on my T3 – WRONG! At first I thought it was just that one plug, so I tried all the power outlets at the hotel and none seemed to have worked. Whatever… bad hair days don’t kill me for a couple of days. It was when I returned back home that I realized my T3 was forever permanently dead! Lesson here = Do not use cheap adapters!!!


Review of T3 Single Pass (White and Black) Compared to My Original T3 Medium Duality Iron (Navy):



So I started investigating various irons thinking that perhaps it is time to purchase a new one since I had been using my old T3 Medium Duality Tourmaline iron for almost 6 years now. It may not be worth getting it repaired. So amongst various irons, I decided to go back to the same brand with their updated Single Pass Tourmaline iron (with world-wide voltage so that I won’t bust another one). Sephora had a great bundle package with Bumble Bumble hair products – great, perfect right? Well, I thought the same until I opened the box and held the new iron in my hands… It felt so different, light weight but in a cheap way? The plastic felt thin, and the silver temperature knob with pink button looked so cheap! I took out my old T3 to compare and even the tourmaline plates were thinner on the new one! Then I dug into the box to read the manuals to see if anything can change my mind, and I saw “do not purchase this item if the silver T3 Serial Number Decal is missing or damaged” as this would void the 2-year warranty. You can see that my old T3 still has the silver tag at the end of the power plug. The new one does NOT have it!!! Ughhh…

As much as I was not liking the new T3 Single Pass iron, I decided to still give it a try because maybe it works fabulous and that I shouldn’t judge a product by its appearance? I plugged it into the power outlet and turned it on… I waited and waited… It took almost 2 minutes to heat up! That’s very long compared to the advertised “less than 25 seconds” and my old T3 took seriously only  10-15 seconds. Fine, at least it was working. I let it pass through my hair and it STUCK ON to my hair!!! It did not glide “snag free” it felt more like I was dragging a wagon across quicksand – it felt STICKY! And don’t even mention doing curls, it was so choppy, I ended up making crimps and squares in my hair. Also I couldn’t even put my fingers over plastic covering the plates when I was doing my curls which is needed for stabilization. The plastic has absolutely no heat filter protection!!! I nearly burned off my fingers, which I should mention had never happened with my old T3! I analyzed the product again, great T3 changed production to “made in China” from Korea. This is horrible! I just don’t understand why a company gets famous based on its original products, then do all these changes to cheapen it. I am definitely returning this and never going to buy T3 again unless they return back to their original quality standards.


Guerlain Lingerie de Peau BB – Beauty Booster – in Light:


I know the BB and CC products have been out for a while now in the Asian market that started this beauty trend a decade ago. So when these products were introduced to the West, I was like meh, whatever no big deal. It’s been about 2 years now, but I think the major French cosmetic companies have finally perfected the BB/CC concept with Guerlain’s Lingerie de Peau! I was just with a friend recently at Sephora and we were playing around with some cosmetics. Guerlain’s new product caught my eye and as soon as I tried it on, my friend then strongly recommended it to me. As I spread the product onto the back of my hand, the smooth silky texture felt amazing and the complexion on my skin looked so much improved. I couldn’t forget the product afterward.

Other perks and benefits:
– Biofusion of silk fibers and micro-linen molecules create 2nd skin-like finish
– 97% of subjects felt refreshed all day long!
– SPF 30 protection
– Great packaging with pump dispenser


YSL for Sephora 500 Points Perk for Beauty Insiders:

A really nice eye set including Babydoll Faux Cils mascara, kohl, makeup remover, and a cute charm bracelet with YSL’s famous perfume Opium and other well known products.



Makeup For Ever’s Pro Finish Powder – It’s alright, I still prefer Chanel’s powders.
Hourglass foundations – didn’t get to try all of them yet, but the Immaculate foundation has got AMAZING oil-absorbing capability. I’m very impressed! Lasts twice as long on me (6 hours) before I need to make any touch ups!
Givenchy Mister Light – pretty good, much better than YSL’s Touch Eclat. Spreads nicely and not drying.
Benefit Flawless Oxygen Wow foundation – haven’t tried it yet.


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  1. Hi saw your comments on the T3 iron and I agree! I bought the Single Pass and sent it back immediately! First iron was made in Korea, new one is made in China and is cheap and nasty! Plates do not clamp together nicely, overall just a big fat joke. Typical of companies, they get a good name and then use that to pull the wool over your eyes. Sent it back no way was it worth the £125 I paid for it!

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