I Dreamt of Cranberries and Cashews – Gourmet Salad!!!

I haven’t posted much on food lately, mainly because my diet has not been the greatest. Lots of late night carb-loaded comfort food that’s not good for my thighs. The last week has been better and I’m being more health conscious. I think I had a dream about cashews and cranberries – a combination that I’ve never thought about before. I know I’ve never eaten a salad like this in my life, so I wanted to experiment with a “sweet and sour” taste. I present to you a successful and delicious gourmet salad:




– Baby spinach
– Baby red and yellow bell peppers
– Baby cucumbers
– Mini portobello mushrooms
– Sweet grape tomatoes
– Kroger’s Pepper Jack montery cheese with jalapeno peppers
– Honey toasted cashews
– Dried cranberries
– Balsamic vinaigrette dressing

Start with a pile of fresh spinach, then chop up all the other ingredients and sprinkle on top. I chose baby bell peppers because they’re sweeter than regular ones and you really want the grape tomatoes to be extra sweet and ripe to balance the balsamic vinegar. Same thing for the cashews and cranberries, you want them to be more on the sweet side. I broke off pieces of Pepper Jack cheese to add a slight kick of spiciness as well to the taste. And lastly, I really like this dressing from Private Selection’s Four Leaf Balsamic vinaigrette with herbs and spices. The peppery taste in here is amazing! Just don’t overdo it as these dressings tend to be high in calories! Bon app├ętit mes amis!



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