Holiday Reveals I – 90% Discount on Equipment Blouses!


I never buy Equipment blouses at full price knowing that silk is relatively cheap in Asia at manufacturer’s prices (think paying $20, instead of $250+ in the West). However I’ve only gotten $80 as the best deal at Last Call and Off Fifth in the past. This Boxing Day has treated me well as I was able to dig up several goodies during Saks’ Off Fifth “Buy 1 get 2 Free” clearance event. For the three blouses altogether, I paid approximately $100, which works out to about $35 each with tax. Compared to these blouses at retail price of almost $300 – that’s like 90% discount!!! Thanks for letting me share 😀

Left – Brett style in Cayenne
Middle – Slim Signature style in Shark
Right – Brett style in Fuchsia




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