Holiday Reveals V: More Booties!

Christian Louboutin FW13 Bootylili 100 in Black Calfskin Leather

Ok, so I ranted a LOT in my last CL post about the Pigalle 120 change, but there are always a few styles that the designer continues to draw me back to the brand. When this new style Bootylili came out last season, I immediately took notice of these booties. I should mention that I love boots and booties, if you haven’t noticed already :D. They remind me of the Simple Platform booties from a few years ago, but the Bootylili has a more delicate toe in my opinion. I do prefer the look of the 120 version with a steeper pitch, but the 100 is more practical for everyday wear and I went shopping all day in them with no problems at all. I also got them for 30% off which is a great deal since CL rarely go on sale and they’re a staple currently still being sold at major boutiques at full price!







Modeling Pix:

Outfit reference:
Helmut Lang Sonar wool cardigan
Club Monaco T and Tank tops
H&M faux suede leggings




And later going out in Burberry’s wool/cashmere coat:



Model in the same boots, photo from My Theresa:


Bootylili 100 available in:
Black smooth leather
Mastic brown leather
Acier suede leather



^Photo courtesy of My Theresa

Bootylili 120 available in:
Black suede leather
Acier suede leather
Black smooth leather


4 thoughts on “Holiday Reveals V: More Booties!

  1. Hi Vanessa,

    Yes, they’re very comfortable and I can shop in them all day long! The leather upper is still relatively quite stiff compared to many of my other boots and leather used by CL in the past. I wouldn’t go out running in them, but for errands and casual shopping, they’re not a problem! Thanks for following and have a great weekend!


  2. Hey Cecilia,
    thanks for getting back to me! I’m trying to decide if I want these or the belle. I want to be able to wear them to work so they need to be on the more comfortable side.

  3. It would be best if you can try both of them on. If you’re pretty accustomed to wearing very high heels, I think you should be ok with the Bootylili. Nonetheless, to be on the safer side, you can’t go wrong with Belle – it was one of his older/classic designs that has proven the test of time. Belle also has a teeny tiny hidden platform too, which makes it very comfy. Best of luck!

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