Holiday Reveals VI: The Most Amazing Dress by RM

Roland Mouret FW13 Myrtha Wool and Silk Dress in Magenta



YAY!!! My parcel finally arrived after a lot of issues… Anyhow the Myrtha dress is a classic in the house of RM. I could not believe my eyes when I saw this style going on sale in black, red, and this gorgeous magenta color! I remember a few years ago, it went on sale for a short period of time. Since then, it’s been sold out pretty fast. So I don’t know, maybe it has to do with the economy in the USA not being the greatest these days, but I’m still in awe that it went on sale, especially after falling in love with it when I laid eyes on Neiman Marcus‘ holiday catalogue featuring the dress!







Modeling Pictures:

Shoe reference – Christian Louboutin Pigalle Plato 140





More pictures from Neiman Marcus:





10 thoughts on “Holiday Reveals VI: The Most Amazing Dress by RM

  1. I bet you got the uk 8, I got the uk 10 on sale at bergdorfs. Love it but I have short torso, did u have top taken in? It lays perf on you!

  2. Hi Nancy,
    No, I didn’t have to take the top part in. Usually the upper body is fine on me. I do have small shoulders, and with the exaggerated “bat wing” style of many RM dresses, I usually need to have the sleeves fixed.
    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  3. Hi Cecilia,
    Love your site. You look beautiful in this dress. Actually in all RM dress. <3 <3 all your RM collection!!!!! I notice you have a US4 in this magenta dress… do you find this dress cut to be smaller than normal. I notice that the majority of your RM is in a 2. I saw one in a size US6 but dint know if it was too big for me. Im normally a US snug 2 and good fit 4. Im still trying to lose a few baby pounds :). thank you in advance for your advice. T.

  4. Hi Trammel,

    Sorry for replying late and thank you for your kind words!
    I would say that RM runs quite small and long in length. In most US clothing I’m a 00-2, but in RM’s clothing I take UK 6-8 (US 2-4). I used to be thinner, but recently with lack of exercise and discipline, I’m finding that the larger size fits more comfortable. I can still fit in the smaller size, for a more body-conscious look, but eating is difficult haha! So for you, I’d say go up at least a full size in RM’s clothing. Best of luck and happy shopping 😀

  5. Hi, I am trying to locate this dress in a size 12, wear a 10 but I saw you said g up a size. I am looking for the pink, but take any color.

  6. Hi Sherrie,
    sorry for the super late reply, but to answer your question, I would try Roland Mouret’s official website. Or you can always contact them at their flagship store in London and have one made to order. They are extremely accommodating and was able to help me fix a dress and work with my schedule while I was travelling through various countries in Europe. Ie given if you have no problem paying retail price, which is very expensive. Otherwise, keep browsing through NM, BG, Saks’ sales. I also recently discovered RM made a diffusion line with Banana Republic, you may want to try some of those dresses too as an alternative while you continue to wait/hunt down the original. Best of luck! 🙂

  7. This colour looks gorgeous on you, very very pretty.

    Just another size question please, you’re normally a 6 in RM but you went up a size to 8 for this style? Also is it a stiff wool or stretchy wool (if that makes sense?)

    Thanks 🙂

  8. I used to be a UK6, but then I got bigger, so the UK8 fit more comfy in the waist area otherwise I can’t eat lol. I would still say that my “true size” is UK6 which fits me more like a glove for a sexier/tighter look.
    From my experience, all of my RM dresses (as well as those that I’ve tried on in the past) have some stretch. The wool is thick and lined/blended with silk most of the time. The acetate+viscose fabrics have the most stretch imo. I would just read the label and see how much elastane/spandex is in there. Usually I think it’s 2-3%.
    I just purchased another RM dress… will be part of my Xmas reveals 😀
    Happy shopping!!!

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