Multiple Reasons to Celebrate this Weekend!

Christian Louboutin SS14 So Kate in Floral Bouquet Satin



1st – Happy belated Chinese New Year everyone!
2nd – Happy Lantern Festival!
3rd – Happy Valentine’s day!
4th – Happy President’s day!
5th – Happy Family day!

For all the above holidays, we should certainly celebrate with something festive (not that I have any parties to attend this year, but that’s besides the point lol)! I knew I had to have these shoes as soon as they came out! I’m really loving this new So Kate style and am kicking myself for missing out on a couple of nice patent leather versions from last season. As we all know now, the new Pigalle 120 is not what it used to be, ie we – the CL community on tPF – despise the recent changes, but are pleased to welcome the So Kate!

Anyhow, this is also my first satin pair because I usually steer away from high maintenance materials (yes… exotics are easier to take care of imo). Given that the heel height and style are NOT practical to begin with, I reasoned with myself that a more delicate material should then be fine. Plus, I don’t plan on wearing them anytime soon…. or probably ever LOL! The Bouquet print is also gorgeous which I have not seen CL do in a long time. Well it’s a no brainer, the beautiful array of colors is inspired by Claude Monet. Who can say “no!” to the master painter?







I haven’t figured out what to wear with these shoes yet as I have limited amount of clothing these days while traveling all over the place like a hobo – not so glam in view of the shoes! I only have one Club Monaco skirt with me (no dresses), so this is the best I can do now for modeling pix:


Will find a nice dress to go with the shoes in the near future. I will eventually make some comparison pix with the Pigalle 120 when I return home. So stay subscribed to my blog! Thanks everyone for letting me share!

2 thoughts on “Multiple Reasons to Celebrate this Weekend!

  1. Hi Cecilia,
    I just stumbled on your blog in my attempt to find information about Manolo Blahnik BB bumps (the 4.5 inch heel). I live in Canada as well and Im planning to buy myself a pair of the BB pumps or the CL pigalle 120’s this summer and I’m hoping you can help me with the sizing comparison because i don’t want to go to holt renfrew or Davids to try on shoes without purchasing them and i may buy them from the states since its cheaper.

    To give you an idea…my size in the Ferragamo Varina/Vara pumps is 9
    My size in CL Decollete 100 pumps is a 41.

    thank you for your help,

  2. Hi MK,
    Both the Manolo BB and CL (new) Pigalle 120 run TTS. Décolleté for me runs small by half a size. All Ferragamo’s shoes are TTS for me. I think you should ask yourself which pair is best fitting for you and judge the sizing based on this. Best of luck.

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