Catching Up With Valentino

Valentino SS14 Rockstud Heels in Orange Fluo Calfskin



I’ve been head over heels for Louboutin’s So Kate heels and failed to notice the beautiful shoes made by Valentino this season. I already own a few pairs of Rockstuds in different heel height versions: 100 mm, 65mm kitten heels, and 10mm flats. My preference is the 100mm, but my size was sold out in the patent leather version!!! I searched high and low since I’m late this season, and could only find it in the regular calfskin version which is less shiny. Nonetheless, I was pleasantly surprised to see in real life that the Orange Fluo color is so vibrant once I opened the box! It’s actually quite difficult to capture the true color, but a Purseforum member is pretty accurate in saying that it’s alike a fluorescent Highlighter orange. I love the color, it makes me feel happy and smile 🙂








Outfit Pix:

Helmut Lang asymmetric wool coat
RW&Co two-tone top
Hudson coated moto-jeans
Céline croc phantom
Valentino Rockstud heels

Going out for breakfast at Chez Cora with my parents. I may have quite a bit of designer items, but ultimately, the biggest luxury for me is to be able to spend time with my loved ones. Especially if it’s for breakfast!!! I rarely have time in the morning to have a decent meal, but when I do and am able to be with my parents, it’s a real blessing.



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  1. Thank you Vanessa! Yes, the nude is a classic and I’ll have to add that to my list of “To Purchase” too! lol Happy shopping 🙂

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