Pigalle and So Kate Comparisons

As the popularity of Christian Louboutin’s So Kate heels continues to grow, there’s been a lot of request for comparison pix between the Pigalle 120 and So Kate (which so far only comes in heel height 120). So I finally got around to edit these pix. I’ve made a few observations of some differences that I noticed, please let me know if you ladies require more pictures. Hope this helps with your shopping!

For reference, all pictures below are shown with the old/pre-FW13 Pigalle 120 on the left and So Kate on the right. My Pigalle 120 sizing is 35 and So Kate is 35.5, but both fit me the same.

1. So Kate has longer overall length by 5-6mm.



2. So Kate’s heel is shorter by 2-3mm and is thinner with a slight curvature.




 3. Lateral side of So Kate is actually LOWER cut than the Pigalle 120.


I have the 2 shoes’ lateral edges side by side, and you can see that the So Kate is deeper cut by 3mm.



4. Medial side of So Kate is HIGHER cut  than the Pigalle 120.


Again, I have the medial edges of the two styles places side by side, and you can see that the So Kate (behind, right side) is higher cut by ~3mm.



Lastly, a group pic of all my So Kates, thanks for letting me share!



15 thoughts on “Pigalle and So Kate Comparisons

  1. I have been following your blog for a while. It’s so goooood!! Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. I want to pick up a pair of so Kate’s, but they are so hard to find:( Thanks for the comparison, I didn’t like the old style pigalle’s because it was way too much toe cleavage for my liking, but I think the problem will be less with the so Kates/

  3. The So Kates are indeed very popular right now and are almost instantly sold out. If you’re purchasing from a department store, I would suggest waitlisting with a good SA, as I find they often don’t follow up. I usually prefer to make my purchases with my usual SAs at one of the Louboutin boutiques instead. If you need a reference, please let me know and I can email you her contact.
    Thanks for visiting!

  4. I’ve fallen in love with Manolos because of your blog post about their comfort in comparison to the Pigalles. I now have them in several colors!

    I love the look of the So Kates but are they as uncomfortable as the Pigalles? I know the toebox makes a huge difference!

    Thanks for your amazing blog posts!

  5. Thanks Vanessa! I’m glad my pix and blog are helpful to your shopping needs!
    I personally find the So Kates to be slightly more comfy cuz the toe box is more forgiving. However, it’s definitely not a practical shoe, more of a “dinner and sit” style, and I would probably not recommend it for a first date either… 😉
    Happy shopping and yes I love my Manolos too 😀

  6. Hello,
    I was wondering if you can help me with the So Kate fit/sizing. I am normally a 38 in Jimmy Choo/Gucci/Zanotti pumps, but have yet to buy my first CL.
    I’ve heard they run small to size. Would you recommend me buying a 38.5?

  7. Hi Val, I think it would depend on whether or not you have wide or regular width feet. In my honest opinion, the So Kate is very true to US size. And I take take them the same size as my Jimmy Choo and Giuseppe Zanotti heels. The toe box is more forgiving on the So Kate than the Pigalle which runs very narrow, but in comparison to JC or Zanotti shoes, they’re probably still more narrow fitting. I guess what I’m saying is that I would stick to 38, as long as you don’t have wide feet 🙂

  8. Hi, red your blog and was wondering if I could get a little help. I am buying my wife a pair of CL for the first time and wondering if the So Kate cut pumps are comfortable shoe. My wife wear a lot of plat form pumps, and has never owned a pair of this particular style. is it a big difference between platform and this style cut? Thank You

  9. Hi Jermaine,
    That’s very sweet of you! The So Kate I would say is a pair for “advanced” heel wearers. If she usually wears platforms, which are generally much more comfortable and easier to wear, I would certainly recommend taking her to try them on in person first before making the purchase (or make sure that the store accepts returns/exchanges). The pitch is steep at 120 (most platforms allows for a gentler slope of 85-100) and the toe box for CL is usually much more narrow. Best of luck!

  10. Hi, sorry for the late reply! This depends on what year your Pigalle is made and what heel height… the newer ones with 120mm since SS14 are TTS, so the size should be the same as the So Kates. However, if you Pigalle is purchased prior to SS14, then they ran LARGE to size, so your SKs would need to go half size UP relative to the Pigalle. Nonetheless, if your Pigalle is 100mm then they are TTS, thus the same advice as above would apply.

  11. Hi, I’m hoping you can help! I’m trying to decide between the So Kate and Pigalle 120 , I have tried on both but in different shops so can’t try on together! I am a practiced heel wearer. Can you tell me which style you prefer visually ?
    Many thanks!

  12. Hi Lizzie,
    I think it’s just a matter of preference. If you prefer toe cleavage – SK; less cleavage or have wider feet – new Pigalle 120. The Pigalle 120 is the classic, but CL recently changed the cut 2-3 years ago and they no longer have the “original” low cut vamp and sides. So if you were talking about the original Pigalle 120, I’d say I prefer this version; however between the new Pigalle 120 and So Kate 120, I prefer the So Kate for the silhouette.
    Happy shopping! 🙂

  13. Hi there! Thanks again for all the helpful advice. I have wider feed and I always have to size up. I am a US 9 (or 9.5 in pointy pumps). I wear Valentino rockstud in 40.5 or 41 (very comfy but they are open in the back). I tried CL few years ago and just walked out of the store frustrated. Now I am thinking I would really like a pair. Do you think they are just not for people with wide feet? Or you still think one size up would do? I don’t care much about which one as long as I am as comfortable as I can be in over 100mm heels 😉

  14. Hi Sima, I’m sorry you did not have a good experience with CL before. Overall I’d say that CL still has a preferential making for narrow-average width feet. Perhaps a few styles may accommodate wider feet e.g. VP. Have you tried this style? There are also a lot more other styles that he is now saturating the market, so you may have better luck with the selection these days. Best of luck shoe shopping!

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