Heels for Maleficent

Christian Louboutin FW14 So Kate in Violet Watersnake Rocaille



I love Disney‘s characters and am highly anticipating the debut of Maleficent on May 30th, for when I will surely wear these babies out the first time to see the movie! There’s no better event than this! Muhahaha! *evil laugh* Anyhow, as soon as I saw these shoes for the first time, I knew I had to have them. I haven’t seen such a gorgeous pairing of colors in a while from Louboutin, plus I’m sorta in this So Kate craze that I bought them on a whim (yeah, you guys may have noticed I have zero impulse control lol). My SA shipped these to me straight from California as they’re relatively hard to find in this pattern. The dye job is excellent: a gradual degradé from purple to blue/black and a varnished “crystal” coating on top. The same pattern is also made available for the Iriza, Galata, Décolleté 554, Lady Peep, and So Kate booties. Get yours today!!!








Close-up Pic: Look at that amazing snakeskin texture!!!



Modeling Pix:

Outfit reference:
H&M dress – I’ve never worn this before, but it’s really comfy and I think I got it for like $15!!!



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