Being A Hobo No More!! Almost…

I’ve been traveling all over this year like a hobo with no clothes, no shoes, no bags…etc. That’s why I haven’t done much “Outfit of the Day” pix as I have no ensemble to put together! I will soon be able to settle into a new place shortly – very exciting! In the meantime, I’m somewhat close to home so I’ve come back over the last few weekends and snapped a few quick shots. I know some of you have wondered how I dress everyday, well I’m actually really conservative at work, very boring in PJs at home, but I do put some effort when I go out. I may not dress really fancy as in some of my pix, but I think it’s really important to keep one’s wardrobe up to date and always remember to have fun, spontaneity, and variety with fashion!

Lunch Outfit:

– RW&Co top
– 7 For All Mankind jeans
– Hermès clic clac bracelet
– Louis Vuitton Lodge bag
– Valentino Rockstud shoes



Even for a work-out later, it’s important to dress well! lol And I think I never mentioned this, but I used to figure-skate back in the days… Good times! Now I just roam the rink endlessly and skate for fun. There’s something about stimulating those trigeminal nerves with the cool air that is very soothing…

Out for a Skate:

– University sweatshirt
– Mondor bodysuit
– Céline Trapèze bag
– Theory silk pants
– Prada slippers

Ughhh… I still had my fiery red hair a month ago!!! I can’t believe it disappeared a week later! 🙁




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