A New Chapter to My Life

This post is not about any reveals, but I was driving around today in the city and there was a wave of emotions: sadness, joy, and freedom all coming forward that I felt need to be captured in writing.

I want to say how incredibly thankful I am of everything in my life and knowing all the wonderful people who have supported me throughout these years, especially my parents who have endlessly given me everything that I wanted and more – love and the feeling of a family. There was one point in my life when I felt very lost, but it was the friends and mentors around me who pulled me out of the darkness. In the middle of what I originally thought was nowhere, I found meaning to life, I found myself, and understood what makes me happy. Not only so, but to let go of certain memories or hopes, and be in peace with oneself. Life is so fragile and yet resilient to hardship, but it’s important to remember that no matter what happens, every moment good or bad has something to be learned from. This year, both my professional and personal lives have gone through moments of ups and downs. Life is funny and interesting like that, and what we can only do is simply be the best that we can, be kind to others, and always give 100% of yourself to the things/people/career that you love along this long windy road of life.

Thank you to those kind hearted people who have guided me through tough times! I’m so fortunate to have met you all and I will miss this place and everyone here very much!


4 thoughts on “A New Chapter to My Life

  1. Wonderful writing. I’ve always enjoyed your blog. Today’s is different. I can totally relate to it.

  2. I spent the whole day reading and admiring. How could you be contacted regarding possibly buying from you? Thank you and Keep on writing!

  3. Hi Riz,

    thank you for your interest! I have yet to update my stuff for sale, but usually you can leave a comment with your email address and I will get back to you. I’m sorry for the late reply as I’ve been busy lately, but if there’s something in particular you want, please let me know. We can discuss further via email, and then I list the item on Ebay and provide you with the item number for the transaction to carry through. I also have some great SAs who can get me a lot of goodies if you need some contacts.

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