My Little Place of Heaven


I’m ALIVE and I apologize for all the delayed messages! Sorry everyone but I haven’t been here to update things for a while cuz I was so busy recently with my move, new job, my car had issues, and amongst multiple other things, of course my Mac also DIED! I was devastated and it’s still getting fixed in hopes of recooping some data from the hard drive. Anyhow, here’s my new place – I converted the den to my collection storage place. 😀

My original Linarp “shoe-case,” loved by many PFers, unfortunately is now discontinued. I searched high and low for similar glass bookshelves but ultimately still went back to Ikea. I bought 3 sets and I liked the idea of half-glass doors, so that I can also store other things such as books in the non-glass shelves. I’ve also installed rotating mirrors! Yes, those mirrors can turn and gives you a 360 view of my outfits when I try to get ready for a night out! Of course, I need somewhere to sit while trying on shoes, so the ottoman is perfect and also allows for more storage! I kinda just throw my gym bag there right now as it’s easy access when I go through the front door to my local fitness club daily, which is something that I recently got into because I realized that I need to get more fit! Anyhow, my little place of heaven is perfect, other than the lighting which is unfortunately a little too dark for my liking. So eventually I plan to get a really nice lamp or chandelier!

On the left side of the wall, I have my bags and fanciful shoes for those Cinderella nights 😉 (and also some favourite boots).




On the right side of the wall, I have my everyday/work shoes, accessories, travel and luggage items. Some things are missing, eg. LV Keepall and some flats… Books are stored away behind the half-wooden doors because it’s an important reminder for me that with knowledge, comes great things lol – and that’s always been my moto in life: study hard, shop hard! 😀




Thanks for letting me share everyone! Have a great weekend and here I was off to dinner 😀

Outfit reference:
H&M lace tank
Roland Mouret skirt
Christian Louboutin heels


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