Tuning Into My Feline Side + CL Rouge

Christian Louboutin FW14 So Kate 120 in Leopard Ponyhair (50S Bos Taurus)

This is actually my first pair of all leopard heels because I tend to go for the more safer styles/prints, and pony hair is very difficult to maintain. So I was wavering back and forth until all the sizes were literally gone, which forced me to just buy them and think later haha! I actually really love the print, but my only complaint is that some parts of the ponyhair lift in odd ways. You know how some people have weird cow-licks and it’s impossible to style your hair in the other direction no matter how much hairspray you put on? lol Okay I have a confession, I have this really strong cow-lick that my hairdresser despises with passion lol. So before I digress any further, I’m going to Meltonian these shoes first, then try the hairspray trick to see if I can tame the hair! 😀






“Le Rouge Louboutin” – Original nail polish debut FW14

As much as I love the unique bottle when this nail polish came out, I thought it was insane for the price at $50 retail, plus shipping (international) is $45, and with taxes it was well over $100. I prefer gel polish these days anyhow cuz they last forever on my toes (I typically don’t do my nails for work/hygienic reasons). However, while I made my recent shoe purchases, I thought I might as well add them to the order since I had to pay shipping already. So whadaya know, I ended up with not just one, but TWO bottles (I plan to give one away as a gift as it’s quite hard to get hold of). I haven’t tried the nail polish yet, but will update everyone with how well it wears.

Update on nail polish: Sorry, I finally got to try the nail polish 3 months later cuz I’ve been so busy at work and I’m very impressed! For a picture of me wearing it, please check this link. After applying 2 coats, here’s how I would rate each of the parameters out of 5 stars:
Ease of use – 4 Stars. Deducted a star for the formula being slightly thick. You have to work fast or else it’ll get a little goopy.
Drying – 5 Stars. Very fast!! Great for people who don’t have all day to wait!
Lasting power – 3.5 Stars. I’m pretty hard on my nails and by the 3rd day there was a small chip on my thumb. I think it would depend on your lifestyle obviously, but I think it’s still got better longevity than most regular polishes.
Color – 5 Stars. This will differ on one’s personal taste, but the colour is a true red that matches perfectly to the famous CL red soles. So for those who can’t stand their soles being scraped, the nail polish can double-duty for a paint job!
Presentation – 5 Stars. The bottle is quite extravagant and a real work of art! I don’t think anyone of us can disagree with this fact!
Overall – 4.5 Stars!!!

Group pic of my August haul:



^Picture credit: Christian Louboutin Online

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