Affordable Winter Boots for the Canadian Weather

Michael by Michael Kors FW14 Boots



I’ve moved back further north to the harsh Canadian Winter where I’m once again faced with the dilemma of finding the perfect winter boots to keep my feet warm, but also stay stylish. I used to go for the designer high heeled boots, but I must be getting old or something cuz they’re not practical enough and I really don’t want to destroy another pair of Prada’s. I really need flat boots, preferably a “motorcycle” style or lug boots. The problem is that I’m short and many boots just don’t seem to fit properly. So after trying on dozens of boots, to my surprise, MMK seems to make somewhat affordable boots that I would not mind wearing for just a season or two and they fit best on me. Here are two that caught my eye and that I can alternate wearing:

1. “Arley” Tall Stretch Leather Moto Boots

There are a couple of varieties of this same boot every season and they’re perfect for right now right before the snow hits. I like the stretchy material and the metal hardware that’s not totally bling’ed out like most MMK’s products. Clearly the logo is still visible, but if anyone is checking out my feet that close, they’d better not mind getting stepped on! 😛





2. “Fulton” Waterproof Nylon, Leather Trimmed, Faux-Fur Boots

These are actually harder to find and I purchased them the day the boutique received them in stock. They’re definitely going to be my hardcore winter boots when the snow is up to my thighs. I’m pretty picky in that real boots should have tracking and a lot of fashion boots don’t seem to understand this practical fact. They’re really comfy and warm too! I like how I can fold the fur shaft which makes it super cute. I’m not too fond of the big logo, but I guess nothing is perfect…




3 thoughts on “Affordable Winter Boots for the Canadian Weather

  1. I think I need those Fulton boots! How much were they in CAD? Any modelling pics? 🙂

  2. Hey Ginger! Yeah they’re super comfy, but I have yet to wear them out! Will probably take them out the closet next week when the snow hits! They were $198CAD ($195US) purchased at Brown’s. Nope no mod pix yet… I’m really late with take pix of all my stuff cuz I’m planning to put up a lighting system in my den where the mirror is…

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