Clé de Peau and Hourglass Haul

Clé de Peau Beauté la Crème Contour des Yeux Set

I had finished my la Prairie Luxe Skin Caviar Eye Cream recently and was looking for something slightly more affordable. I compared numerous brands and finally CDP’s eye cream seemed to satisfy my needs. I mean, CDP is clearly still very expensive, but Barneys had just received this great skincare set which makes it all that more convincing to decide for me. The set includes a full size of the eye cream, 7 mL of the same collection’s serum, 5 mL of the face cream, and a nice bag – all for the same price as just the eye cream alone which is $280.



I love the packaging, the luxurious stand just for the eye cream, but I don’t use the applicator. The cream itself is light green with a non-overwhelming floral scent. The texture is thick which is what I need to hydrate the dry skin around my eyes. In the morning, I only apply a very light layer so that I can put on my eye makeup. Don’t get me wrong though, it’s thick but not gunky!

Overall rating – 5 stars!!! It’s a winner and I will certainly repurchase!


The sales lady was also really nice and gave me a bunch of samples including an additional total of 10 mL of the Serum and 2 sets of the Intensive Brightening Mask, which is worth at least another $50! I’ve tried the mask and wow – I’m impressed! You basically apply the lower mask II first, then the upper half mask I on top (they contain different ingredients) for 10-15 mins, and massage in the left over serum all over after. It’s quite hydrating and there’s so much of the serum left that I actually save the mask again for a second application. Now I know some of the ingredients, e.g. Vitamin C, is highly unstable when exposed to oxygen and light that its “illuminating” properties are probably gone, but hey I scrimp too! lol At least the moisturizing ingredients are still there!

Apparently the main ingredients are tranexamic acid (TEA), vitamin C, E and various botanical extracts. I’ve always known that the latter few ingredients help to inhibit melanin production as they’re essentially strong antioxidants, but I just learned that TEA has evidence to do so as well! Typically TEA, aka Cyklokapron is used in medicine to prevent bleeding for its antifibrinolytic properties that work at the very end of the coagulation pathway. See shopping is educational! 😛


Hourglass Cosmetics Haul

This is a fairly new brand that I’ve jumped on the wagon and fell in love! Pretty much every single product is as amazing as they are described to be! When performance meets function, practicality, and the latest technology in the beauty industry, you’ve got Hourglass!

Immaculate Liquid Powder Foundation: I first received a sample and was completely blown away by its oil-controlling ability. My skin is difficult in that the epidermis is very dry, but within a 3-4 hours it gets oily and I’ve tried so many mattifying foundations that I’ve learned to just live with it. However, this foundation pretty much can last me at least 6-7 hours before I need to touch up! And if I use their serum, I can go for 10 hours!!! WOW! My only gripe is that applying the foundation can be tricky because it dries very fast! So use only a small amount and work in small areas at a time. Also if my skin is kinda dry, it will show patches of flakey skin… Nonetheless, with proper prepping and some effort, the end result is totally worth it!



Best of Hourglass Limited Edition Set – Sephora Exclusive:
Extreme Sheen High Shine Gloss in Ignite – Love the non-sticky gloss, which has a bit of shimmer, and is very universal.
Film Noir Full Spectrum Mascara in Onyx – This is actually very similar to Lancôme’s Hypnôse mascara which I’ve been using for the last decade. Provides full body and volumizing benefits.
Mineral Veil Primer (white glass bottle) – This is one of the original products that made the brand famous. Enough said. Makes your foundation last and last forever! Even though, I typically don’t like products full of silicone, this is exceptional cuz it actually works!
Serum Primer (clear glass bottle) – This one is not that often talked about, but it’s completely different compared to the original primer, but in a good way! It’s definitely more like a serum treatment and is kinda goopy, but absorbs very fast. Let it sit there on your face for a minute before applying makeup or use alone. I find that it doesn’t make your makeup last as long as the other primer, but it’s a lot more hydrating, which I find useful in the Winter time cuz whenever I use primers, I usually don’t like to apply another layer of moisturizer cuz I don’t like the feeling of having thick layers of products on my face. I’m always looking at products that are multi-purpose to avoid that “mask” feeling. Anyhow, I really like this primer too and it does NOT have that slimy silicone feeling!



Ambient Lighting Palette: I was highly recommended to buy this product and it did look interesting in that it brings a “glow” to your face but not in a shiny way like many highlighters do, which I avoid like the plague on my oily-combo skin. The best way for me to describe it is that it’s got this “silkening” effect, which mattifies, but at certain angles like a silk scarf brings out a beautiful sheen. At first I was also kinda confused about the application process, and various users will have their own methods but this is my approach:
Dim Light (left) – An “all over” shade, that I prefer to use on my forehead and chin. No shimmer.
Incandescent Light (middle) – Limited edition shade that’s got the brightest sheen effect. I use this to brighten the area right under my eyes, sweep across my upper cheekbones, bridge of the nose, and cupid’s bow.
Radiant Light (right) – In my opinion, this is the “bronzer” shade which I apply right in the hollow of my cheeks, temples, and below my jaw bone.



Femme Nude Lip Stylo in No.6: Ok, so this is the only product that I was like blah about… The application is nice and smooth, but after an hour, I find it kinda drying. Good colour intensity though. I’m also quite pale, so I was kinda surprised that the lighter nudes totally washed me out. I was like bleached out and looked deathly sick… lol. The makeup artist at Sephora actually recommended that for everyday wear, I should go for a shade with more colour. Thus I opted for the deepest mauve nude, which definitely looked a lot nicer on me. I will give it 3.5 Stars, and will not repurchase.

Double-Ended Complexion Brush: Love the high quality synthetic brush (shown behind the lipstick). It’s perfect for traveling and getting ready at the gym. The firmer side is great for liquid foundation, and the fluffier side for powders. I use it with the Ambient Lighting Palette. Thanks for letting me share! 😀


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