Work Clothes Update!

So I have quite a few designer dresses and more lavish ones for special occasions. Recently I’ve been asked what do I wear to work everyday? Well I love H&M, Banana Republic, Mexx, RW&Co, and of course J Crew. I should say that a J Crew outlet store just opened near my home which I was ecstatic about! Love all their stuff, really good quality, and now even more affordable! Here are a few things that I purchased recently, sorry no mod pix.

N.B.: The black pants and skirt below are from Banana Republic‘s exclusive collaboration with Roland Mouret, whose dresses I adore. However, I was quite disappointed with the dresses in that collection. They were very ill-fitting compared to my authentic/original RM dresses. The “Sloan” fabric used was thought to be similar to RM’s material but it was bulgy in the hips and just wrong. I had to return all the dresses. The only 2 items that fit well out of the dozen or so items that I tried were the cigarette pants and coated lace/shimmer skirt below, which are very suitable for work.






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