Mackage Sample Sale 2014




It is without a doubt that the Montreal-based brand, Mackage, is leading the pack of premiere/contemporary Canadian designers these days (other than of course DSquared2). Annual sample sales occur first on home ground in Montreal where the brand was established, then Toronto, sometimes Vancouver I believe, and followed by New York City a month later. This is probably the only perk Canadian shoppers will ever have with discounts of everything at 50% off retail price (and no tax!), compared to 40% in NYC. Usually all locations host for a variety of local designers that come to showcase their specialty clothing, furs, and jewelry. This year Rudsak, Hurricana, and Mondor were my favourites!

I’ve missed all the sales in the past years, but I was fortunate to get off work early and attend the first day VIP sale at Marché Bonsecours in the hub of the Old Port, Montreal. I found parking easily and didn’t encounter a lot of frantic buyers either, but by the time I came out in the late afternoon, there was a major line up of about 100 feet in front of the Mackage section! These girls were just glaring at my 2 large bags lol!

Anyhow here are some of my steals:

1. Mondor Tights X 3:
Absolutely the BEST quality from this original Montreal dance company that had designed durable, professional tights for figure-skaters, gymnasts, and ballet dancers. I’ve worn their clothing since I was very young and only trust this brand. Think falls, hard ice, daily practice, sharp figure skating blade cuts…etc. That’s how good their quality is, so yeah, if you think Lululemon, Wolford, HUE, are good, think again.

2. Micalla “Pearl Branch” hand-made necklace with Swarovski crystals and 18K RGP :
Really gorgeous and original. I haven’t seen something like this, although Tiffany has their cute olive branch collection, I think this is much more impressive. So I’m gifting it to my mother 😀



3. Mackage “Marjory” Down Puffer Jacket in Black with Removable Asiatic Racoon Fur Hoodie – Retail $620

Great alternative to my Moncler jacket which kinda looks similar, but Mackage would win hands down when it comes to warmth as it’s double-layered with a “vest-like” insert and an outer zipper.
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^I’ve been working out… Look at those thigh muscles!!! 😛
And yes, that’s also my new iPhone 6 in gold!


4. Mackage “Peaches” Down Puffer Jacket in Ink and Leather Trim – Retail $690

This is a bigger jacket than the “Marjory” and also warmer. You guys may recall that I also own a similar style but longer knee-length jacket called “Liz” in white, which I find is too big and overwhelming for my liking. This hip-length version is perfect for my petite frame and the flared bottom/sleeves are really cute.







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