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FW14 Classic Monogram Keepall 45 Mon Monogram Custom Order in Red and Black



So I travel a lot and find myself struggling with all these bags: shopping bags, food/take-out bag, personal bag…etc, plus I always have my Starbucks coffee to juggle. I really needed something to consolidate everything and I’ve always had my eye on the LV Keepall which is a staple of the luxury house. However, I never really felt the urge to buy it because it’s part of the permanent collection. Only until recently when I got into my exercise frenzy did I realize that I would also be able to use the Keepall as a gym bag! Of course, I had to get it personalized with LV’s “Mon Monogram” which typically takes 6-8 weeks to deliver for the hand-painted item to be made in France. Otherwise, most classics from the permanent collection are made in the USA factories. I was pleased to find out that my rush order took only a month to arrive! Woohoo! Thanks for letting me share my super late reveal 😀








Now I chose red and black stripes/initials, with a red interior (typically brown canvas), for the Louboutin addict in me haha! I just love the pop of colour against the pale new vachetta leather!

Along with this major purchase, I couldn’t resist buying more LV sunnies… To this day, I swear LV still makes the best sunglasses after trying various designer brands. And they’re one of the few luxury houses that still does everything from beginning to finish in-house and all made by hand, rather than outsourcing to 3rd parties. Clearly they’re significantly more expensive, about twice as much as most other brands, but totally worth it in terms of their excellent quality. I’ve dropped mine on the floor numerous times and I’ve never had a chip or breakage. So I purchased not just one, but 2 pairs!! lol



Left: SS14 Mimosa in Brown Glitter
– Gold metal frame aviator style
– Hand-polished acetate tips with flower logo
– Rhinestone set Monogram flower hinge
– “Western” fit nose-bridge

Usually aviator styles don’t suit me, but I was pleasantly surprised at how classy and chic these looked. A real gorgeous pair with subtle logo details. It’s also my lightest-weight sunnies!





Right: FW14 Petit Soupçon Cat Eye in Brown Glitter Acetate
– Gold metal frame and hand-polished acetate
– Classic S-lock metal hinge
– Monogram flower details
– “Western” fit

So I got something more subtle above, and obviously we need to balance this with an all out glam oversized pair LOL! Sorry for some some metals parts looking smudgey. I forgot to wipe down the metal and rid of my greasy finger prints before taking the pix…




Lastly, a pic of my LV sunnies collection (yes I LOVE their brown glitter acetate lol) and taking my new Keepall to the gym! Stay tuned for more reveals!



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  1. Hi Liz, I’m not sure what your question is. Are you asking how much I purchased it for retail or are you requesting to buy from me? I’m sorry, the sunglasses are not for sale now, but maybe in the future I will change my mind 🙂

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