Chanel Les Beiges + Allure Gloss

Finally this weekend I got a chance to relax a bit after a week of chaos at work. My Guerlain Lingerie de Peau BB Cream is about to run out. It’s a fabulous light foundation in my opinion but these days with the harsh dry winter, my skin seems to be parched more than usual despite all the hydrating masks and night creams. At times, I have trouble putting on any liquid type of foundation because the dry patches just become more accentuated turning into a flakey mess. So I really wanted to buy something that’s extremely light and easy to apply. I suddenly remembered that Chanel has their Les Beiges Fluide which I tried on once last year but felt to be too “dewy” in the summer. I decided to give it another shot now that my skin really dry and may need the extra moisture.


Chanel Les Beiges All-In-One Healthy Glow Fluid SPF 15 in N.10

I like this for how sheer it is, and as you can see on my inner wrist, it practically disappears. I used my middle finger to blend and compared to my index finger which does not have any product on, both have about the same amount of lines. So it does not accentuate any wrinkles, creases, or flakes. Sorry my hands are so dry… and in the third picture below, I used Les Beiges Healthy Glow Multi-Color Powder (with an all over sweep over the 3 shades) to set.

– Very natural finish
– Easy to apply (fool proof and is a great beginner product for those who are just entering into the world of foundations)
– Sheer
– Hydrating
– Does not accentuate fine lines or flakes
– SPF 15

– May not be the best if you’re looking for something with more coverage
– Quite heavily scented. This does not bother me, but not recommended if you’re allergic/sensitive to fragrances.
– Limited color selection, but given how sheer the product is, I don’t think you really need 20 shades…

Beiges1 Beiges2 Beiges3

Comparisons to Chanel’s CC Cream and Guerlain’s Meteorite Baby Glow

Chanel’s CC cream was way too thick and heavy for my liking. It does have more pigmentation for those who are looking for a more medium-full coverage.
On the other hand, Guerlain’s new Meteorites Baby Glow has been on my radar for the last few months as it was previously an Asian-market exclusive. I was pretty excited to check it out at the Guerlain counter in person since it’s kinda hard to locate, but I felt like I was let-down… The product is very sheer but even more so than Chanel’s Les Beiges. I feel like you need to have near perfect skin to be able to wear it, otherwise I do need some coverage to hide my acne scars. I was also afraid that it would be sparkly, but luckily it’s not. There’s a faint glow at certain angles, but relatively safe to wear for everyday. Overall verdict? Meh… Not as impressed as their BB cream, which I still love and will always be a staple.


Chanel Rouge Allure Gloss – One Click – in Sensible (15)

The Allure Gloss debuted Fall 2014, with new colors added to the line for their Spring/Summer collection. It’s an update from their earlier Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss from 2010, which featured a traditional twist-open tube. The new Allure Gloss has a fancier “One Click” top where the tube is basically using a spring mechanism to open. I like the idea of a highly pigmented gloss and a little surprised to find that even when the colors look very rich when applied on my hand, it still goes on quite sheer on my lips. I think they’re very wearable, especially the 15 which is the lightest color of the summer collection. How long does it last? Hmm… about 3-4 hours with eating in between which is pretty long for me. At first it’s a little sticky upon application, which I dislike because I find as the day carries on, most glosses become even thicker. However, I kinda liked it more at the 2-3 hour mark where it felt more soothing and hydrating. I’m still undecided about the texture, but overall I like the packaging and I like the colors!

Below I’m wearing Essie’s nail polish in Eternal Optimist (676). The top half of the last pic shows me wearing Rouge Allure Gloss 15 in my bathroom lighting, and bottom half in natural daylight. On my face, I have Les Beiges Fluide and Powder. Thanks for letting me share! Happy Sunday 😀




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