When Trio V Meets Trio I…


Céline SS15 Large Trio Indigo Lambskin

The Trio is a very well designed cross body bag that looks compact, but can carry a ton of stuff the same amount as I would typically throw into any bag. This includes my usual wallet, keys, cell, pager, badges, pens, compact powder, lipgloss, and a bunch of random papers for work (sometimes my glasses too). My trusty Vermillion Trio was the perfect bag for me in hospital running around everywhere before I had my own office. Now it’s retired with wrinkles, scars, and other damage done to its delicate lambskin, I wanted to reward her years of hard work with a new companion – Meet Trio Indigo!

Trio_Indigo2 Trio_Indigo3 Trio_Indigo5 Trio_Indigo6

Will they like each other? Or quarrel to their death? They do have their differences in that Trio I likes to shine in the spot light more, always wanting to be the centre of attention, whereas Trio V is more shy often staying in the background, although no one can deny her beauty even amongst a rack of other Trios…


Dun Dun Dun Duuunnnnn!
I think they like each other as I found Trio V to be embraced by Trio I, and now they’re INSEPARABLE!!!
However, they still maintain some of their own differences in that Trio I is a righty (zipper opens to the right) versus Trio V is a lefty (zipper opens to the left), and the zipper tabs are slightly different too. Overall they don’t mind each other and now live happily ever after…

The End. Thanks for letting me share!

Trio_Double Trio_Double2

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