Nordstrom’s 2nd Canadian Opening Gala


As Nordstrom expands to Canada, they had their opening gala last night and I was fortunate enough to have scooped up a ticket. All 1800 tickets proceed to the Cancer Foundation, so it was all for a good cause in raising awareness. Calgary was the first chosen city by the US mass retailer to be opened in Canada, with Ottawa being the second, and several more department stores to follow in all provinces, except Quebec. Montreal is certainly the fashion lead in my opinion, so it’s unfortunate that due to bureaucracy and all, there are no planned openings here. Nonetheless, I would not say that there was much to be missed out on…

As great as Nordstrom is in the USA, the same is does not apply for its Canadian counterparts. They do not carry the same brands, especially the higher end luxury designers such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Dior…etc are no where to be found. Not only so, of the limited brands available such as Valentino, Jimmy Choo, and Manolo Blahnik in the shoe department, the selection is very minimal. And no, there is no Christian Louboutin! Last night, I did see Burberry and Chloé being the only two leased areas to offer a few bags and accessories. The cosmetics and skincare counters were actually more impressive with brands such as La Prairie, La Mer, Sisley, Guerlain, and Chanel all available. Overall, I was still not impressed, or perhaps my taste in designer goods these years have really exceeded my own expectations…


Highlights of the night did include the DJ, I enjoyed his songs, and he got everyone dancing on the main main floor. I should mention there are 2 levels with the first featuring cosmetics, jewelry, shoes, bags, and other accessories; whereas the second floor has men’s and women’s clothing. I also liked how Nordies featured live models and once in a while they’ll step off their podium and walk around. The clothing selection was decent with contemporary brands such as Helmut Lang, Alexander Wang, Vince, Joie, and Theory all available. Denim selection was ok… I did not see J Brand, Rag & Bone, 7 For All Mankind, Citizen’s of Humanity, or Hudson’s, but I could have walked by the section too fast without noticing.


The food was good with various appetizers available throughout the store. I started off with a lobster roll (top left), then had this chicken with wasabi in a cone, and later found this neat sushi tray with seaweed salad. Obviously, it was not the greatest sushi I’ve had, but still a cute bento box idea. Then this flakey pastry with creamy corn and peas (bottom left) messed up my dress and I spent a few minutes in the bathroom trying to get rid of the stain… I did like the tomato soup with toast on top, very yummy. There was wine and all sorts of alcohol beverages, but I actually loved their water in a carton!!! What a great idea and helps with the environment too!


The E Bar was probably my favourite though because I’m such a coffee fanatic and was really running low on fuel after a day’s work. It was seriously the BEST LATTE I’ve had in a very long time!!! I’m not sure if it was the espresso beans being freshly grounded or perhaps they are the only place that I have found to use my favourite almond milk from Earth’s Own, but I was in pure bliss.

My other delight of the night was finding Boo!!! For those who do not know Boo, he is a real dog, i.e. celebrity dog! He is just the most adorable thing and my friend actually encouraged me to purchase a plush toy. I suppose I was a little desperate to spend some money, as I was originally planning to make a major purchase on a designer handbag or something. I guess in the end, my wallet was happy.


I purchased both the big Boo with the maple leaf sweater as well as the small Boo with bunny ears for Easter. I plan to give both away as gifts to my niece and friend. On my way to the cash register, this lady thought all my dessert treats were so cute and actually took a pic lol. Yes I have a weakness for sweets! They were better than the food in my opinion, especially the chocolate brownie, truffle, and cheesecake… hmmmm…

Lastly, I’m sure you’re all wondering what I was wearing to the event. The day started in my office where I prepared everything in advance. I had my latest Roland Mouret “Timarcha” dress, Chanel Reissue, and Valentino Rockstud heels all dragged into my office that’s already filled with shoes lol. People come in and my heels are usually the first thing they notice…

OfficePrep Me

And here’s me when all dressed up at Nordies. I got a lot of compliments on my dress and heels, and people wanted to take pix with me for some reason… Here’s me with another blogger who wanted to do a “shoe shot” right when I walked in the first few minutes of the gala. I realized the pantyhose was a faux pas lol, but it was really cold!!! Anyhow, I did take them off soon after this pic was taken, see bottom left corner where I took off those granny-nylons as well as in the above pic.


Finally, Boo and I ended the night and went home to sleep. Thanks for letting me share!

4 thoughts on “Nordstrom’s 2nd Canadian Opening Gala

  1. Really enjoyed all your posts, even though I have unhappy feet and now mostly wear shoes podiatrists recommend :0( Look forward to reading along every month about your finds.

  2. Thank you Sherry!
    I appreciate your feedback and will certainly keep everyone updated!
    Hopefully your feet can recover in the near future 🙂
    All the best,

  3. I am your RM twin, just got the timarcha! Ok, really am your copycat. Love your style. Just tried new cream/mask sunday riley ‘good genes’ from space nk, AMAZING!

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