Valentino Meets the Matador

Valentino SS15 Rockstud Heels 105 in Poudre/Nude Patent Leather


I couldn’t wait to try them on, so I ripped apart the parcel at work and had to take a pic! The colour is a classic, but it’s been hard for me to locate it in Europe given the exchange rate right now is not in my favour. So I’m glad that after a year of being on my wish list, I finally snagged it. I did go down half a size from my usual 36 because with my other Rockstuds, the straps have always been quite lose and stretch more with wear. However, these were incredibly tight… It’s quite frustrating because Valentino’s shoes appear to run all over the place in terms of their fit.

SS15.Rockstuds105_poudre1 SS15.Rockstuds105_poudre2 SS15.Rockstuds105_poudre3 SS15.Rockstuds105_poudre4 SS15.Rockstuds105_poudre5

Some detailed pix are shown below.

This pair’s platinum studs are all fixed properly and not crooked compared to some Rockstuds that I own. I find the classics (nude and black) are always better made probably because they pay closer attention to the details since they’re the best selling ones. Quality control has been an issue in my opinion which was why I’ve been hesitant to buy more. I should mention that unlike previous seasons, this is the first time that Valentino is including replacement studs and heels!!! Again, probably because they’ve been contacted so often now for stud problems…

SS15.Rockstuds105_poudre6 SS15.Rockstuds105_poudre7

Modeling Pix:

I actually forgot to post this reveal of my Clover Canyon dress that I got last season. I’m usually not a CC fan cuz the fit of their clothing just doesn’t suit me well. However I fell in love with the print of this dress called “Matador de Toros.” It’s simply stunning, great for a night out and it let’s me breathe, eat, and move around comfortably. Also shown with my Bottega Veneta Knot clutch (2nd pic below).

SS15.Rockstuds105_poudre8 SS15.Rockstuds105_poudre9 SS15.Rockstuds105_poudre10

Clover Canyon FW14 “Matador de Toros” Jersey Dress

When I got this dress last year, I was originally planning to buy the short sleeve cut-out back neoprene version, but my size was sold out. I’m actually glad I got this long sleeve version, because it’s so much more wearable. CC’s neoprene is very thick and may not be all that nice in the summer, whereas this jersey fabric is quite thick, but thinner than neoprene and actually moves with your body rather than sticking to it. I also think of it as a transitional dress for in between seasons.

Matador1 Matador2Matador3

Nude Comparisons:

Different brands all have their own version of the perfect nude. I tried to take the best pix I can in natural day light, but I have to say that in real life, the colours still look different than what’s depicted here.
Manolo Blahnik – MOST NATURAL for fair skinned gals. The colour looks somewhat yellow here but, it’s actually my preferred tone.
Valentino – Blue/gray undertones help to provide a bit of contrast to our natural peachy skintone.
Christian Louboutin – Very pinkish. It looks the nicest in 2D, but IRL, the pink tones are very overwhelming and not a perfect match on my skin. It’s about 2 shades darker. Good for those who have a tan or are olive skinned.


Lastly, group pic of all my Rockstuds!!! Thanks for letting me share, hope you all had a great weekend! 😀


8 thoughts on “Valentino Meets the Matador

  1. Lovely collection! I have a delima I recently purchased 2 patent caged flat rockstuds and need your opinion on sizing. A 6 fits me tight at the toes and a 6.5 is a bit loose on the back. Do you think I should go with the 6.5 since it’s more comfortable or would it stretch and flop on the back with wear? Or should I go with the 6 even though it’s tight at the toes or will it stretch and will fit later with wear? Please help! Thanks!

  2. Hi Annie,

    I would recommend going up to 6.5 because patent is difficult to break in, unless you’ll be wearing your shoes very often, like everyday. Although the 6.5 will have some heel slippage, I think it’s less worrisome given that the Cage Flats have multiple straps which will still keep your feet bound to the shoes. You can also add a heel pad to improve the fit as well. Hope this helps and thanks for visiting! 🙂

  3. Hey there…I just purchases my first pair of Valentino Rockstuds in the Ivory Patent and I noticed there was a problem with two studs. I was saddened to find this and am so close to returning them but they don’t have 37.5 in anything over here in Istanbul. What can I do? Can they fix it?

  4. Hi Jul, unfortunately Rockstuds are notorious for having crooked studs or tarnished hardware… These usually don’t affect the integrity of the shoe, but may certainly be unpleasant to look at. I think it’ll be really hard to fix unless you have replacement studs available. Are you having these same problems, or can you describe what exactly is the issue with the studs?

  5. Hi! I recently found a pair of used rockstud heels, but I’m concerned about their authenticity. These do not have the seen in Valentino label, but instead have a gold emnossed name/logo on the heel. Additionally, many of the studs are tarnished. The outer soles do not say Valentino, but have the european size imprinted inside a circle. I’d be happy to send photographs if you have time to review. Thanks for sharing your treasures!

  6. Hi Jessie, I don’t recall this type of Rockstuds made… I hope I’m not too late in responding back (very sorry!!), but unless these are prototypes from the runway or very limited/special editions, I would be very cautious in purchasing them. The “regular” Rockstuds produced for the consumer market has never used all gold lettering, nor the circle stamping around the size. Even the more special Noir or Rouge collection, use tone on tone labels… Hope this helps 🙂

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