Guerlain Lingerie de Peau Foundation Rave and Cosmetics for Spring

My little Spring haul turned out to be several trips to Sephora

Trip 1:
I was initially looking for a new foundation and heard some great reviews of Guerlain’s Lingerie de Peau (LdP). My local Sephora had run out of the color that I wanted, so I had to order online, along with a few nail polishes. I absolutely loved the feel of this foundation and couldn’t forget about it. I think I’ve finally found my ***Holy Grail*** of all foundations!


Left – Guerlain LdP liquid foundation in shade 02
Middle – Guerlain LdP BB cream in Light
Right – Chanel Mat Lumière in 20 (Clair)

Comparison of the swatches shows that the Guerlain foundation is definitely more runny and the Chanel foundation is the thickest and also more mattifying, but provides the most coverage (moderate to full). I’d like to take this opportunity to rave about how wonderfully smooth Guerlain‘s LdP is when applied onto the skin, and not in a silicone way (like Giorgio Armani’s Luminous Silk). I love the satiny natural finish and I’m just totally blown away. Why haven’t I discovered this foundation earlier?!?! The coverage is probably more light to moderate rather than what they advertise as moderate to full. Anyhow it’s quite buildable and blends like a dream. I always just use very little and apply more as necessary. The Guerlain BB cream is also beautiful and has been my go-to product for the last half a year. In comparison, the BB cream feels slightly thicker and perhaps has more coverage? I know it’s kinda counter-intuitive. If I had to choose, I’d recommend the original foundation because it has better color selection and the packaging is really luxurious, whereas the BB comes in a tube and feels more casual.


Ciaté – Access All Areas
Formula X – The Celestials in Black Hole

I got these 2 nail polishes because I’ve been intrigued by the new matte texture these days. Ciaté‘s is a gorgeous coral orange which matches perfectly with my Chanel Allure La  Favorite lipstick as shown above. I didn’t really like the Formula X polish which is supposed a burgundy charcoal glittery matte color that doesn’t really show the glitter or matte texture  at all. Instead it only caught onto my clothes and was difficult to remove. I decided to return this, so off to Sephora I went again…

LV_Obsession2.2 LV_Obsession1

Trip 2:
After returning the nail polish, I couldn’t resist purchasing some more stuff including 3 more Ciaté nail polishes, a mini version of the Hourglass Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick in Canvas, and Hourglass Femme Rouge Lipstick in Nocturnal.


Ciaté – Iced Frappé
Ciaté – Star Struck

Sorry for the night time lighting, but the Iced Frappé is actually a gorgeous soft lilac like the border color I’ve framed around the picture. Star Struck is also fabulous, one coat is all you need to achieve spectacular glitteriness lol, unlike many other non-professional polishes in which you would need to apply several coats.

I thought it might be a nice change to step out of my comfort zone and try a bold new lip color. I wanted something darker and Nocturnal from Hourglass was exactly what I was looking for in terms of achieving a sophisticated, but not really gothic look. I was impressed with the saturated color, easy application, smoothness, and moisturized feeling! I was pretty excited to try this the same night when going out for dinner here.

Outfit Reference:
Equipment silk blouse
Cartier Amulette necklace
J Crew bar earrings


Unfortunately I did not like the Hourglass Opaque Matte Lipstick in that mini tube as shown in the above swatch. It was very drying and blotchy on application, so I decided to make another trip again…

Trip 3:
Went back to exchange for another Hourglass Femme Rouge Lipstick in Peace because I was so impressed with previous Nocturnal. I did notice some differences in the packaging, where my (left) Nocturnal‘s cap was “engraved” with the logo but (right) Peace‘s cap had just imprinted the letters… And I’m making a big deal out of this because there was something definitely off with the new one. I felt like it just wasn’t sturdy for some reason and I was right because the next day, the lipstick’s internal mechanism BROKE!!! The lipstick was fine, but the cap couldn’t be pulled off, but the bottom piece did where you usually snap in the refill cartridge! However it wouldn’t budge, so you couldn’t pull the lipstick out either. What a disaster, I had to go back to Sephora again for a return!


Trip 4:
I debated with myself whether to get another Hourglass lipstick or not, but opted not to in the end just in case if the lipstick broke again. Instead, I went for Guerlain’s Kiss Kiss Shaping Cream Lip Colour in 364 – Pinky Groove. It’s also a darker pink because I already have a lot of neutral and light pink lipsticks. It’s a great color for both day and night. Good for the office too because it’s not overwhelmingly loud, but gives you “presence.” There are blue undertones, and has a slight metallic sheen. Really pretty.
Also shown below with Ciaté’s Pepperminty nail polish, which is a robin’s egg color, like Tiffany‘s turquoise blue.

Guerlain_KissKiss Guerlain_Ciate

Lastly, after all these trips, I was upgraded to Sephora’s VIB status! This comes with a complimentary makeup over and 10% discount on my next purchase. So stay tuned cuz I’ll probably need to a make a massive haul in the near future! lol Thanks for letting me share, hope you all had a nice long Easter Weekend!

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  1. Hi! I love your style. I found your blog by doing a search on the Yurman Wheaton ring. You mentioned that it gave you some problems. May I ask what was wrong with it? I’m interested in one myself. 🙂

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