Dim Sum and Shopping Day


There’s nothing like a delectable meal to satisfy my tummy before a day of shopping. I’m very pleased to finally find a dim sum place with pleasant ambiance in Montreal that’s suitable to my taste after all these years. The Crystal has been at Chinatown here for a couple of years now, but it was difficult to notice at first because of its location on the second floor of this revived, yet nearly deserted building from many years ago. Unlike the usual dim sum dishes offered inconspicuously at most Chinese restaurants, the Crystal offers more variety and interesting dishes concocted from classical Cantonese cuisine. Definitely a must-dine place if you’re ever in town.


Outfit reference:
Nordstrom mesh top
Rag & Bone jeans with leather and mesh panels
Hermès Clic Clac bracelet
Hermès Collier de Chien belt
Cartier Love ring
Nadri earrings
Céline Phantom bag
Valentino Rockstud booties

I really like the black mesh top which I bought at Nordstrom along with the grey see-through sweater shown below as well. It has very much an Alexander Wang look – that casual American coolness mixed with ingenious technical fabrics, to result in clothing that’s easy to wear and comfortable.


My other new discovery is that Zara actually makes really nice trouser pants! I’m always looking for dress pants that can carry me from the office to personal affairs without looking like I actually stepped right out of the work environment. Perhaps I’ve grown to fulfill my curves more, but a few years ago, I remember trying Zara’s clothing which were all too large for my petite physique. This Z1975 pair is especially comfortable and is office appropriate despite the label calling it “denim,” it’s actually not, but rather made of thin stretch material of cotton and polyester.

As I’m infatuated with mesh these days, so is the fashion industry, which is incorporating it into all sorts of clothing. Lululemon offers this long sleeve top, with finger holes and a bold green stripe in the back, that I thought was nice for the Spring when it could be still a bit chilly; as well as mesh leggings to allow for breathability in the popliteal areas. Unfortunately, I find the top too constricting when I’m doing strenuous exercise that the mesh accents become useless as I’m boiling in my own heat.

Lululemon2 Lululemon3

I also acquired some new jewelry by Nadri with the opening of Nordstrom recently and these two pieces have caught my eye that I actually ended up going back several times to the department store to check them out before settling my mind finally for their purchases. The necklace is quite sexy I imagine especially if worn with a low cut top as it dangles right in between one’s bosum. For this reason, I have not dared to wear it out yet, haha! The matching earrings are also a quite unique and edgy, which you can see me wearing in the above pix at dim sum. Both are well made with glass crystals and plated in 18K gold.

Nadri1 Nadri3 Nadri2

I recently saw a friend wearing Vince’s Addie heels which encaptured my attention. I managed to try them at Nordies, which I instantly fell in love with the leather and comfortable fit. However, the thick strap was not to my fondness as I found it to be bulky and I was not completely enthralled with the $400 price tag for only contemporary shoes. To my later surprise, I actually found The Bay to carry Vince Camuto’s Vamelia, which is a similar derivative, but I was even more impressed with the buttery soft nappa leather than the supposedly better brand Vince. Not only so, Vince Camuto offers their version with a thin buckle strap which is exactly what I prefer instead of Vince’s push-stud closure.  And only at a fraction of the cost at a special price of $90 that I found online at Amazon compared to the in-store retail $175, it was a no brainer for me that I had to get them!

VC_Vamelia1 VC_Vamelia2
VC_Vamelia3 VC_Vamelia4 VC_Vamelia5

Comparison to Vince’s Addie and another similar style Addison:
I do love Vince’s crocodile print which makes me think of it as a perfectly pairing to my Céline croc-embossed Phantom! These almost mule-like shoes are surely a hit for this season as they’re easy for downtown wear and produced en masse by various designers high and low. I plan to wear mine with cigarette pipe skinny jeans, and of course in black to elongate the leg lengthening effect, yes think Givenchy-like! Happy shopping everyone!

^Picture credit: Vince.com

2 thoughts on “Dim Sum and Shopping Day

  1. Hi!
    I love your style! It’s simple, not too much, and very elegant.
    What Audi do you have? 😉 (I’m a “car-interested” girl)
    Are you a physician?

    Love, Aggi

  2. Hi Aggi, thanks for visiting my blog! I drive a simple Audi, nothing fancy… yet… lol! Maybe some day I will get that R8 that I’ve been lusting over for a decade now! And yes, I also have a side interest in cars… we sound too much alike! 😉

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