A Colourful Summer Ahead

Aquazzura SS15 Amazon 105 in Multicoloured Suede and Elaphe Snakeskin


I apologize for the late reveal, but aren’t these shoes amazing?!?!? I can’t wait for the Summer to arrive as I’m dying in this dreadfully long Winter that’s treading into Spring now. I’m really into Aquazzura‘s shoes these days, and this style is certainly one of his show-stoppers that’s become quite iconic to the brand. The classic version can be found in all black calfskin and suede. Other variations in materials include all sorts of colours and exotic skins, but this is the first time that a multicoloured and multi-textured version has been made available. I love the gorgeous array of tropical colours and the luxe snakeskin, wrapping altogether your feet in this magnificent piece of art.

SS15.Amazon2 SS15.Amazon3 SS15.Amazon4 SS15.Amazon5

Detailed Pix:

The iconic golden pineapple logo of the brand dazzles the soles! And see all the rich colours, zebra-striped snakeskin, and fluffy suede texture in the second pic!

SS15.Amazon6 SS15.Amazon7

Modeling Pix:

I do have to admit that the shoes are not easy to put on! I think it took me a full 5 minutes to put on the one shoe, that’s why I only had enough energy to tie up one rather than both to take this pic lol. I’m so lazy haha! I was so worn out after a day’s work that I didn’t want to take outfit pix anymore, but I promise you that later on in the Summer I will make sure to do so! Anyhow, as enduring as the process is to put them on, the result and effect of the shoes are stunning and so worth it! Given the multiple straps, they’re as comfortable as they can be. I would probably not recommend wearing them all day if you know you’ll be on your feet much of the time. These shoes are made for light walking and mainly sit-downs!

Amazon1.2IMG_5957Outfit Reference:
Nordstrom mesh top
Helmut Lang trousers and bra top

Advertisement and Campaigns:

Aquazzura online March 2015:1

Bergdorf Goodman:BGX2E72_ez

Designer Edgardo‘s sketch:84d7ae0b5bbeb58c09ef99a5ea9362bb

Saks Fifth Avenue ads:121514_PA_BANNER_SH_AQUAZZURA10914391_770533823032459_281769367_n

Past campaigns:aquazzura-_amazon-sandals 617106_379054272178154_417410204_o


Clementine McVeigh in classic black calfskin Amazon:ClementineMcveigh.instagram

Ciara and Blanca Suarez (below) both wearing the Amazon in elaphe snakeskin with zebra stripes:Ciara.websta.meblanca-suarez-and-zuhair-murad-dress-fall-2013-2014-rtw-gallery

Cara Delavigne on the Issa 2013 runway wearing the blue snakeskin Amazons:CaraDelevigne.RunwayIssaSS13

Ariadne Artiles wearing the grey suede Amazons in Vogue Spain:AriadneArtiles.VogueES

South China Morning Post March 2015 featuring zebra print elaphe snakeskin Amazons:SouthChinaMorningPost.March2015

Online model from Mytheresa.com:1005072000_2_zoom


2 thoughts on “A Colourful Summer Ahead

  1. Hello! I saw your post on purseblog! Love your Aquazzura’s collection!

    I was wondering how the size of the Amazon heels compares to your Sexy Thing heels. I’m a 38.5 in the 90mm Sexy thing, should I get the Amazon in the same size? I’m a US 8. Thanks so much!

  2. Hi Jewel,
    With the “cage” style of the Amazon heels, I would recommend going up half a size! And thanks for following me from tPF! Hope to see you around, take care 🙂

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