The Corporate Ready Bag

Prada BN2274 “Medium” Saffiano Lux Double Zip Executive Tote in Pomice (Light Grey)


I’ve been wanting this bag for years and finally I’ve made it!!! I always felt that one had to be at a certain career “level” to carry off this bag, and in the past, I’ve been too self-conscious to wear this handbag style to work and I’m not even speaking of the brand. Just the shape exudes a certain finesse, sophistication, and professionalism that I couldn’t pull off in the work environment before… until now! In a way, I think of this bag as a celebration for hard working, dedicated, and career-oriented women. It has a subtle logo that I can easily flip over to the inside facing me should I wish to be more discreet, or stride confidently with the logo facing outward – whatever your mood is – it is the perfect work bag!

Prada1 Prada2Prada6 Prada3

Detailed pix of the top, bottom, and inside:

There are a total of 6 pockets or compartments:
– 2 large zipped compartments on both sides of the bag
– 1 Large zipper pocket on the inner side
– 1 Small leather patch pocket on the inner side
– 2 Smaller leather patch pockets on the outer side

Prada4 Prada5

The shoulder strap is adjustable and detachable. I personally don’t find myself using this that much for everyday, unless I’m carrying a ton of stuff and may need additional support to hold the bag and spare my hands. I think the shoulder strap is cuter on the mini version, but not really as a messenger bag for the medium size.


^I thought these “Bandaid” shortbread cookies were so cute, I gave them to a friend who tore his ACL, but shown here first with my Louis Vuitton French Purse as my Prada purchase has done some damage to my wallet!

Not intended, but one of the sales associates noticed that my OPI manicure that I just had done the day before matched perfectly with the bag! I tend to be indecisive, and always thought that I’d end up with the classic Black or Cornflower blue. So it was really unexpected for me to have purchased this grey as I’m quite fearful of getting light coloured bags dirty, especially because I’m usually somewhat careless and will put the bag on the floor for my workhorse bags. However, the light grey really caught my eyes amongst all the colours on display in the boutique. It’s really professional but chic too, without being that predictable like black, brown, navy, or other neutrals. The colour can look different under various lighting, but it’s got blue undertones and is much lighter compared to the other Argille colour. I believe this is also available paired with silver hardware, but I find that mutes the rest of the bag… whereas the gold hardware provides a really luxe contrast.


What’s inside her bag?
– Macbook Pro 13 Inch laptop (2014 version)
– LV Wapity pouch
– LV sunnies at all times
– LV French Purse wallet
– Keys
– Purell!!!
– And still lots of room to carry more paperwork in the zips and other stuff inside

For the longest time, I could not decide between the medium or large, which also put me off from purchasing the bag. It’s essential for me that as a work bag, my 13 inch Macbook Pro can fit in with ease. It’s really inconvenient for me to shop while carrying my laptop, so in the past I’ve always measured and estimated the fit. I knew that the medium would be a tight squeeze and I’d have to unsnap the sides, which I don’t mind. However, more recently my old Pro died on me and I had to purchase a new one which is much lighter and thinner in comparison. The new computer size helped me finalize my decision for going with the medium, which I’ve always preferred for my petite frame. I have noticed some inconsistencies with Prada‘s bag sizes, and this medium from this season is actually slightly larger, in both width and height, which I confirmed at the boutique! Ultimately the bag was a perfect compromise in between the medium and large sizes!!


Lastly, some quick mod pix that I snapped in the elevator:

Left outfit:
– Helmut Lang wool jacket
– J Crew floral blouse
– Zara denim pants

Right outfit:
– Mexx work dress
– Dynamite long cardigan
– J Crew necklace


Thanks for letting me share again, good night everyone! 😀

7 thoughts on “The Corporate Ready Bag

  1. I just found your blog, and I’ve been loving it!!! Out of curiosity what do you work as, I’ve just started uni and can’t decide what career to go with, and I like the fact that you are able to channel your style in your day to day work life.
    Many thanks 🙂

  2. I discovered your blog yesterday and thought the pictures and your writing are very nice and interesting. You do have style, I must say. Despite your petite size, you know how to dress yourself to make yourself stand out. I see that you have stopped posting after April 2015. What has happened, got tired of updating the blog?

  3. Hi, I’m so sorry, it’s just been very busy with my travels and work recently. I promise to update more regularly! Thank you for encouraging me to continue to post! Have a great day 🙂

  4. Awww thank you very much! It’s always a great honour if I can help others and even more to inspire them in their career path. I am in the healthcare field. It’s hard work and there’s lots of time and dedication to my job, but I think it’s also very important that we enjoy life as well. We need balance and stress can lead to burnout. So it may not need to be shopping at all, but one needs to find something else outside of their immediate work environment, eg. sports, music, cooking, volunteering, traveling, arts and crafts…etc., that can also complete our lifestyle. I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavours 🙂

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