Something About the CDC…


Introduced to the Hermès house in the early 20th century, the Collier de Chien (often abbreviated as CDC for those who may not speak French) is a modern day classic. It has survived the journey of time for it be worthy of cult status and is highly popular amongst the current day trends. People who don’t follow fashion find it intriguing with the cling-ing sound as we walk by and upon closer inspection, I often get people trying to play with the cute ring. I couldn’t help but purchase another CDC belt to match my Jaipur Rose CDC bracelet! Not only so, it’s harder to find a reversible belt by Hermès these days that has 2 colourful sides. Most often, you have one colour and the back is the typical black in Swift leather, whereas in the past, duo tone colours were more common.

Hermès SS15 Belt Kit in Jaipur Rose Epsom/Vermillion Swift Leathers with Collier de Chien Buckle in Rose Gold

CDCbelt2 CDCbelt3 CDCbelt4

Side by side comparison of Vermillion Swift (top smooth leather) and Jaipur Epsom (bottom grained leather):
– Vermillion is like a bright cherry tomato red
– Jaipur is a peachy pink almost like a dusty roseCDCbelt5

Comparison of the Rose Gold and regular Gold plated buckles (shown with my Orange Togo/Black Swift CDC belt): CDCbelt6

Lastly, a group pic of my recent Hermès accessories:IMG_5978

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