The Loudest Shoes

Sometimes a pair of shoes does not need all that jazz or bells and whistles to make them a pair of statement heels. The shape of these gorgeous heels are classically cut and the silhouette is distinctly Louboutin. However what is so striking about this pair is the fluorescent colour! The neon trend has been going on for a few summers now, and most prevalent in the young adult population, but has slowly trickled into the premier designer’s products that has become a hit with a few brands. I was quite hesitant to purchase them and from looking afar or online in pictures, they didn’t seem much of my style until I tried them on my feet – wow I was instantly sold! 😀

Christian Louboutin SS15 So Kate 120 in Fluo Mat Jaune and White Jazz Leather Heels

SS15.SK120_FluoYellow2 SS15.SK120_FluoYellow1

Modeling Pix:
SS15.SK120_FluoYellow00 SS15.SK120_FluoYellow0

Sorry no outfit pix yet, but here is Christina Millian wearing them.

Pictures below courtesy of Net-a-Porter online:

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