Third Time’s the Charm?

Spikes Take I – Unfortunately I missed the boat on getting my grubby little feet into the original studded Very Privé heels when they were first released in 2009(?) and worn by countless celebrities. I was so desperate to get them later but none were available in black anymore… I’m usually not one to follow trends, but I was later relieved to have NOT purchased them as CL started to mass produce spiked heels in a not so admirable way that merged to tackiness in my opinion…Christian-Louboutin-Very-Prive-Spikes-120mm-Peep-Toe-Pumps-Black-Red-Sole-Shoes-2271

Spikes Take II – Later I did give in again about 2 years ago and pre-ordered from Saks the Pigalle Plato 120 with silver spikes, thinking that this was also a relatively easy to wear comfy style. However when I opened the box, it was NOT love at first sight… In fact, they were painful and really stiff to wear that I immediately returned them. I did feel bad for my SA who had specially ordered them from California for me…

Spikes Take III – Finally third time’s the charm… I don’t think I need any more explaining. The pictures will speak for the shoes themselves!!! I love how crazy they are!!!

Christian Louboutin FW15 Limited Edition Scarabée Collection Pigalle Follies Spikes 120 in Rose Digitale

CL_Scarabe1 CL_Scarabe2CL_Scarabe3 CL_Scarabe4

Modeling Pix:
CL.FW15.PF120_ScarabeCL_FolliesSpikes.Scarabe2.2IMG_6908Here I’m wearing them out for the first time with tone-on-tone shorts and my Céline large Trio bag!

I do want to comment on the prototype pic from CL’s official website of this style – notice how the blue and pink tones are the inverse of the actual product?! Another reason for why sometimes shopping in person is a better idea just in case if sometimes the actual product depicted is not what you were really hoping for, but in this I don’t really mind. It’s just one of those details that I often notice!christianlouboutin-folliesspikes-3150035_M286_1_1200x1200_1430737583

Other products offered in the same collection:
christianlouboutin-panettonewallet-3155047_M286_4_1200x1200_1432811705 christianlouboutin-sweetycharity-3155082_M286_4_1200x1200_1432811720bags_3^Picture credit:

Others: 18897394361_43dbdbe073_k

Thanks for letting me share, hope everyone had a lovely summer!

2 thoughts on “Third Time’s the Charm?

  1. I think you made the right call on these ones! I just love the SK silhouette, and the jeweled studs make it such a fun shoe. Thanks for noting the difference between the actual shoe and the website picture… I would really expect a high end brand to get something like that right!

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