The New LBD and Skincare Discoveries

Elizabeth and James FW15 Otto Mesh Cut-Out Dress

I generally do not purchase much contemporary brand clothing, with the exception of jeans. However, when I saw this dress, I really liked the design, cut outs, mesh detailing, and overall updated look to a classic LBD. It’s very well fitted, maybe a little too tight… but it does have some stretch to the material. I’m still somewhat unsure if it’s showing too much skin… This is a good time for me to comment that with such a deep V cut, I’m glad to have a small chest! haha Nonetheless, I’ll probably never wear it out like most of my stuff…

Styling tip: Simplicity is key. Have 1-2 accessories, but the dress already calls for a lot of attention. So keep everything to a minimal. I would NOT wear a necklace, especially not a vertical bar necklace that drops down to your cleavage! That is too much!
Worn below with Christian Louboutin So Kate Leopard Print Ponyhair heels.

ElizabethandJames.OttoDress_CL.SKleopard ElizabethandJames_Otto2

Other pictures from retailers:

Intermix:Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 11.45.51 AM

Neiman Marcus:
Models here show the back details and also the dress available in white.NMTAD33_az NM-60N4_ez


Guerlain Météorites Oxygen Care Moisturizer & Radiance Booster

Two months ago, Guerlain just released two new products in the Météorites collection, which has yet to be updated over the last decade since its original release. Although I believe they were already debuted in Asia for a while. One of the new additions includes a moisturizer which is the first time being introduced in the collection. The other addition is a variant of the current Perles primer, which I have used in the past and loved it.Guerlain

When I saw the new items online in the summer, I was unclear as to what the differences were between the 3 products, and the 2 primers have very similar names… I tried to look them up but no reviews found yet. I’ll try my best to explain:
– Oxygen Moisturizer (left): Gel-like texture, good for the summer, and provides light hydration. Good for combo-oily skin. Non-silicone feel (which I hate). Barely visible light-reflecting particles in tones of pink and blue (rids of yellow sallowness and redness).
– Light-Perfecting Primer (middle): These white pearls are like the original pink ones in that they are “crushed” evenly with every pump. However, the texture and particles are completely different than the original. The product spreads smoothly, but there are LARGE WHITE SPARKLES (not mini glitter), like seriously big chunks of sparkles! Not what you’re looking for if you want a more “mature” look, but definitely prom night appropriate!
– Light-Diffusing Primer (right): Most of us have tried the original pearl primer which is a lovely non-silicone base that has tiny particles to reflect light. It makes your face have a gorgeous glow and I certainly hope that Guerlain does not discontinue this for the white pearl primer…Guerlain_MeteoriteMoisturizerGuerlain_MeteoriteMoisturizer_Swatch^Swatch of the Oxygen Moisturizer:
You can see the small light particles on the left, and after spreading it over my hand (right) there’s a sheen as shown under the sun.

Lastly, a friend recently introduced me to the Faceshop‘s masks. The company is of Korean origin and has been quite popular in Asia from my understanding. I don’t really care for their makeup or other products as they seem a bit… juvenile? However their masks have received great reviews and I always try to get a bunch when they have promotions like “Get 5 free with the purchase of 10 masks.” It contains a porous sheet that you apply onto your face for 10-15 mins and the serum left over is usually good for another 2 applications, which I use as a toner. Cost is about $2 per mask, which is not bad if you can get 2-3 uses from the product. I do also like the more expensive masks that cost $4-10 each. In particular the one in the lower right corner. My Chinese is not good… Beautiful Woman __________ ?something I had another friend and we were both like, what is that 3rd character!??!?! haha Anyhow, the last one has a jelly texture and is supposed to “lift everything up” according to the salesgirl. I don’t see my face or wrinkles being lifted, but it does feel very hydrated and plumped.


Thanks for letting me share and have a great weekend! Stay tuned for some exciting reveals next week 🙂

8 thoughts on “The New LBD and Skincare Discoveries

  1. Wear the dress!!
    It looks fabulous! TRUST ME – wear it now before it’s too late! There is a small window in life when one can wear such a dress – so DO IT! Three kids and 50 years old is not the time – I wish I’d done it when I was in my 20’s and I could but was too modest and shy.

  2. It looks that the dress is actually a two piece “top” and “skirt.” Couldn’t you wear the bottom as a skirt (which, btw, is gorgeous)? I know it may be stretching the line for work (depending on how conservative your hospital is), but it’s perfectly good for many occasions.

  3. Yes, good eye Anna! The outfit is actually sold with the crop top and skirt separately. So I can definitely try wearing the skirt alone, perhaps with a longer blouse on top to cover the mesh, and tuck it in after work? Might be a good transition piece for going out after work if I don’t have time to go back home to change. Thanks for the advice 🙂

  4. Cecilia looks like she’s ageless so she’ll probably get more good years of wearing this dress than most of us 🙂
    I think it looks great on you and like Anna, I agree that it could be quite versatile since it is two pieces! I am totally going to look for this dress for myself now haha..

  5. Cecilia, would you be able to comment more on the fit of the skirt… do you find it true to your normal size? I have very small hips compared to the size of my waist, so often if something fits around the skirt/bum area, it will cut into my waist unless there is some stretch. I was wondering how stretchy the waistband is? Thanks!

  6. Hi Jenn, sorry for the late reply again! I find the skirt pretty TTS. I know some of comments mentioned that it fits small, but to me it’s what I would typically grab as my usual size to try on first and it fit perfect. I didn’t have to retry other sizes at all and as for the material, there’s a slight stretch to it. However I would equate it to something like most trouser pants these days. So there’s a bit of a give, but definitely not super stretchy. HTH 🙂

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