Xmas’15 Reveal I: Valentino Noir!

FW15 Valentino Rockstud Noir Collection – 100mm Heels in Black Leather and Ruthenium Studs


I love Rockstuds and every girl who loves heels should own a pair. The usual classics are of course patent black and nude (Poudre), but if you want to add some pizzaz to your collection either the Noir and Rouge are excellent choices that are sure to grab the attention of passersby. The Rouge would be for times when you wish to be more bold and feminine, and I have yet to find my perfect pair (I’m picky cuz I want the patent red version!). However, I could not pass up the opportunity to buy these gorgeous, matte, black on black leather Rockstuds from the Noir collection when I found them on sale at The September for 30% off retail price! This is a relatively new online shoe shopping site dedicated to Canadians and from my experiences with them, they’ve been absolutely wonderful in their customer service. The Rockstud Noir heels almost never go on sale, so I was super happy to have found them in my size. They definitely have a different vibe than the other Rockstuds with platinum studs which seem more glam to me. The Noir collection is edgy, dark, and demure… a different kind of elegance… without further ado, here’s my first Christmas reveal!

Rockstuds100_Noir1 Rockstuds100_Noir2


Modeling Pix:

Rockstuds100_Noir5 Rockstuds100_Noir6Rockstuds100_Noir4

My baby wants to model in the pix too! He actually just recovered from a major hospitalization where he was found to be in DKA. So I apologize for not having the time to update my blog. It’s been very busy with work and taking care of him, his meds, going to the vet…etc. He lost so much weight from 16lbs to 11lbs, which is more than 30% of his body weight. In the end, I’m just so glad and thankful that he doesn’t have cancer and his diabetes is still manageable. Our New Year’s resolution will definitely be getting healthier, playing and exercising more! Thanks for letting me share my little Love’s story 🙂

2 thoughts on “Xmas’15 Reveal I: Valentino Noir!

  1. Hello. I bought a pair from farfetch and I got the patent nude one from luisaviaroma. i notice that the dust bag or shoe bag from the noir is different from the regular rockstud. Is yours the same ? Thank you !

  2. Yes, they’re different. They’re from essentially 2 different collections even though the style and look of the shoes are the same.

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