Xmas’15 Reveal II: Dining Out in New Loubies!

Christian Louboutin FW15 Dorissima 100mm Heels in Patent Nude


I purchased these heels just before my birthday which is close to the holiday season and was able to benefit from the private pre-sale just before the major end of year sales. I was eyeing this new style called “Dorissima” since the beginning of the season and loved how lady-like it looks. It’s very similar to another style called “Fifi” but I’m not quite fond of its super thin heel. I prefer a slightly thicker but still slender heel, which feels more robust when I walk. Dorissima also has a lower cut vamp for more toe cleavage. My toes are pretty short, but if you have long toes, it may not be the most suitable for you as they might bunch up… The heel height is also very comfy for me at 100mm. Overall, it’s a great pair for any occasional so I’m sure I’ll get a lot of use from them!

Dorissima1 Dorissima2 Dorissima3 Dorissima4


I don’t have any modelling pix yet, but I did wear them out to a nice Japanese fusion restaurant (see second pic below). I sat and dined much of the time, but from the few minutes standing up and walking, the shoes were super comfy. No complaints and patent leather always wears hard with all the beatings that I put my poor shoes through! lol Other than starring at my own heels, the dinner was great as well and one of the most memorable times I’ve had in recent years. The service was fab and presentation of the dishes was awesome. I’m very fortunate to have tasted many fancy and exotic foods in my life, some I may not have been able to appreciate their delicacy, but there were few moments that were very special that I actually remembered. And this time, it was for me a moment that I took to heart because it wasn’t just about ordering random novelties on an expensive menu. I was so happy to simply share this day with someone who’s become so dear to me that I actually didn’t care what was on the table. It could have been a Harvey’s hot dog (which I love btw), and I would not have smiled any less!

Thanks for letting me share my holiday joys and happy shopping everyone 🙂

JatobaJatoba2 Jatoba3

Sorry for the poor quality pix in the restaurant.
The lighting was bad, but here’s my outfit for reference:
Jonathon Simkhai FW15 cut-out top
Club Monaco tie-dye mesh skirt


More posts to come!!!

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