Happy New Year!


I took this picture while driving home from work on New Year’s day. Yes, I was working and happily doing so just like how I go home every evening – so very appreciative of what I do for my work, for the people around me, and feeling grateful for my life and opportunities given to me. Another year has gone by and I couldn’t help but feel a wave of melancholy. I circled past these trees on so many days near my work place, but rarely took notice of them. Life is very intriguing in that we don’t take take notice of the things around ourselves in our daily routine, and it often takes a second or third glance to appreciate their existence. I reflected on the past decade of my life and wondered how ironic that I once circled past these same trees when I was younger without noticing them and only to have come back full circle many years later… From my career and personal life choices, they all brought me back to where I came from, whether I liked it or not, and in that moment while driving past these trees, it made me realize that sometimes embracing what I had let go gave me more freedom than the control of my own life that I once sought… Take a moment to appreciate everything in 2015 and may the past memories and experiences bring our future years to a better understanding of ourselves to make meaningful choices in our lives to do good for our family, friends, and loved ones. Let’s grow together in the happy New Year!

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