January Sale Haul

January is a great time post holidays to get some fantastic deals on everything. Whether you’re looking for new clothing, shoes, accessories, or anything else like home appliances and furniture, you can score a great bargain! This year I got some new jewelry pieces from Nadri, Marchesa, Kate Spade.

Nadri makes really cute and trendy pieces that are relatively affordable and most items are pretty good in quality with gold or rhodium plating. The pearl earrings that I got from them are actually full price for the new season, but still too cute to pass. The bar necklace is amazing though and I have to admit that I was so distraught after I returned it in the past, then I began looking for it everywhere until my luck brought them back to me even better the second time around on sale! Marchesa usually makes designer dresses but recently branched out into the costume jewelry market to compliment their gowns. I also like Kate Spade for their whimsical pieces, but would not purchase them full price. I personally don’t think that imported items should cost more than $50, and it’s not like I’m impressed by their materials which are mainly made with glass, plastic, and brass.


I have a black tie event coming up so I hope to wear these trendy earrings soon!

Next I went to MAC for their Back to MAC program which is a fabulous idea to encourage consumers to recycle primary packaging materials. Rather than just throwing out used or unwanted lipsticks, containers, or other supplies, you can compile them and with every 6 products brought back to the program, MAC offers any lipstick of your choosing (except their Viva Glam collection) as exchange for your loyalty and contribution to helping the environment. What a great incentive! So I gathered all my stuff and got two lipsticks in Capricious (lustre) and Please Me (matte).


And of course I bought everything from Aritzia, which is a Canadian company that offers chic and comfortable clothing. I used to boycott against this company as they have very poor customer service, and still do from my personal experience. So now I just buy online. There’s a lot of allegations in the news and I won’t go into the details, but their staff are mostly made up of very young sales employees. Proper training should be made in place to not appear so eager… I don’t know if these girls get commission or not, but they appear like hawks and whenever you say I’m just looking, they turn around so fast and make a “Hmmmmmrrrrph” noise, scrunch up their face, or roll their eyes…etc. Not very professional or courteous. On the other hand if you say you are looking for item X, they bring out 20 unrelated items for you to try… and it’s like, no just let me try on this one thing please… The store items and online pricing are also completely different, usually with the online products cheaper and having better selection of sizes/colours. I also don’t like their exchange/return policy. Despite all the cons (and I can continue listing more), I do like the cut and fit of their clothing as they’re generally made smaller and the quality is decent for everyday clothing. They only offer twice a year sales, so it’s a good time right now to take advantage of the discounts!

Aritiza1 Wilfred Free Isidora sleeveless jersey dress
3 Wilfred Free Klum long sleeve jersey dresses
1 Wilfred Free Bitter long sleeve shirt
1 Wilfred Free Alanna slit skirt
1 Paradise Mine skinny jeans
1 Babaton Oswald trouser pants
1 Wilfred Free Anouck dress
1 Citizens of Humanity skinny jeans
1 Wilfred Bisset blazer jacket

Outfit reference below:
Aritzia Wilfred wool jacket
H&M lace top
J Crew pants
Kate Spade necklace
Christian Louboutin Simple pumps
Mansur Gavriel tote bag

Happy shopping and thanks for letting me share my January haul! 😀



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