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Having grown up all these many years, I have a confession to make – I’ve never set foot in the sea! My family and I typically do not go to beaches. I’m not sure if this is just our family’s culture, but I suppose that we are very “active” and unless there are things “to do” as a rationale for why we should commit our time and money to a vacation spot, my family would not be interested. We always had a set agenda for the day which often included 3-5 site seeing places, 2-3 restaurants to tempt our taste buds, and some evening performance or show to attend at night. My life has been regimented to a T ever since I was young when my mother always stated, “as soon as you’re awake, you need to get out of bed and start your day,” as she did not endorse snoozing and never any eating in bed. So for once in my life, not having any daily schedules was a pleasant change although I did feel a little lost at first. It was the vacation of many first life experiences and to say the least most memorable of them all.

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The beginning of the vacation was not as smooth… our flight was delayed for several hours and by the time we arrived, most of the restaurants at the resort were closed at 11PM. At least we took advantage of my Priority Pass and snacked on some goodies while waiting in the lounge area in the airport.

The next day, we immediately went to the beach to take advantage of the sun! We’ve been sheltered by it from the nasty cold Winter season that it was such a delight to feel the warm of the sun’s rays (even though I don’t like to tan too much! lol).


Everyday we either spent time at the beach or at the resort’s various pools and tubs. In the evenings, there were performances and several restaurants where we made reservations. Here we were heading out for dinner and I got to wear my new Louboutin Dorissima heels which was the only pair of nice shoes I brought with me. It so happened be Chinese New Year that day and I was able to splash a bit of red from the soles!


Although these were the only Loubies with me, I always have the Team Louboutin spirit when I had to dress down and be more casual for the day. There wasn’t a whole of walking to do, so I didn’t need to pull out my running shoes which I packed as well in case our trip turned more into a hike like with my family growing up, there was not a minute to sit on our exhausting trips. I really enjoyed the change of pace and that my vacation really was so sweet and relaxing in my Ferragamo flip flops, sun hat, and beach bag! I even found an ingenious way to eat my coconut: add Splenda and ice to really make it a refreshing drink! 😀


The most memorable part of my vacation? Going on an excursion to a private island where we sailed on a boat, visited a famous villa on top of the island, played in the crystal clear sea, and went snorkelling the first time!! I was terrified but I love adventures and new experiences where I played with fish in the sea, saw coral reefs, and gulped the most salty water in my life! Thanks so much for letting me share everyone and I hope you’ll all be able to enjoy some time off or get away from this Winter 🙂


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