Take Me Higher in Butterfly Chiara Heels!

Sophia Webster FW15 Chiara Heels in Fuschia Hologram, Patent Neon Orange, Iridescent Gold, and Black Suede


Sophia Webster first caught my eye a little more than a year ago when she created the “Evangeline” heels which have a pair of angel’s wings. Then the Chiara heels with butterfly wings came out and made my heart flutter in joy. Nonetheless, I was not sold on the price tag of this contemporary brand. For the same amount, I could buy a nice pair of high end designer heels that are made in Europe, rather than a developing country. So I waited for the sale to happen because I also had a DIY project in mind…

Here’s my reveal but keep on reading for my special project!

SW_Chiara1 SW_Chiara2 SW_Chiara3 SW_Chiara4

The shoes are super cute, especially the heart on the outsole. I love the colour pattern with the hot pink holographic wings, bright orange divisions, and golden edges. I’m not too keen on the black toe band and would’ve preferred a PVC or nude strap so that the wings really are the focus of the shoes. Overall, I don’t regret purchasing them. However, I’m not sure if I would purchase more from this brand. The quality is obviously not what I’m used to from premier designers, but it’s not horrible. The leather is a bit stiff and the edges are kinda scratchy. It’s these details that I feel like are lacking and could really help to polish the brand more. The fit is true to size in my opinion and pretty comfortable when I was walking around in my home. I’m still very excited for the weather to get better and take them out for a fly!


Outfit reference:
Equipment silk blouse
BCBG mini-skirt

Inspired DIY Project*
Many years ago, I was very good at arts and crafts. I haven’t touched them in a decade, but got inspired when I saw Sophia Webster’s Glitter Evangeline heels. I preferred Chiara’s vibrant pattern with the hologram, but cannot live without glitter. So I thought why not get crafty and make it a glitter project myself?! Sure enough, I went out to buy all my supplies. Although I purchased the heels a while ago, I did not have time to sit down for this project until a week ago, which was why I’ve delayed my reveal until I had the final masterpiece done!sophia-webster-light-pink-evangeline-glitter-angel-wing-sandals-pink-product-4-102979236-normal

What you will need:
1. Glue – Any kind of white glue, Allen’s art glue, Viva’s Glass Effect Gel, Mod Podge, Glossy Accents, Multi-Medium Matte Glue…etc. I probably would not use E6000 or hot glue… I’m also not a fan of glitter glue because I find the glitter is not as dense but these were only from the dollar store that I played with as a child. There could be better quality ones out there now.
2. Glitter – Choose any kind to your liking. I prefer the ones with very fine glitter because the chunky ones are hard to spread, but again this is only from my experience decades ago. Not sure how advanced technology has made glitter these days, but choose with caution.
3. Sealant – Use any kind of varnish or even hairspray can do the trick!
4. Various small hard tipped brushes to work in small areas.

Everything is pretty self-explanatory. I applied glitter all over the orange divisions on the wings as shown below. It took about 3-4 coats to get the glitter effect that I wanted. Each coat took approximately 2 hours to apply, and I gave 5-6 hours to dry in between each coat. Then I applied 2 coats of sealant on top. Total amount of time = 1 full weekend and it was totally worth it! I was delighted with the final result as you can see in the pictures below.



I was so ecstatic that I even made my first video! Thank you all for letting me share my new pretty shoes and first DIY project 😀

Other pictures of the infamous Chiara heels:chiara-swaw15103-2.62thumb.php

Campaign from Sophia Webster’s FW15 collection:

Neiman Marcus advertisement:NMX2QRM_ez

Other colour patterns:

Rossi Diaz flew to the MTV VMAs last year in these Mint Green heels:2015+MTV+Video+Music+Awards+Arrivals+J6_MQrojiwMxCO5VFaBWEAAPUJASophiawebster_featureimage_360nobs-640x431

As seen on Anna Dello Russo and Kaley Cuoco in Iridescent Neon:Anna-Dello-Russo-Sophia-Webster-Chiara-Butterfly-Sandals-3kaley-cuoco-and-sophia-webster-chiara-sandals-gallery

Mini Chiara baby shoes and grown up heels in Spearmint:Sophia_Webster-63-11

Sophia Webster in collaboration with Barbie:140

Lastly, the bridal version for something Blue:SOPHIA_3

*Disclaimer: The DIY project is only for my personal entertainment. It is not intended for resale as all shoes are for my own use. It is not to promote counterfeit designer goods. Credit is given to the creator herself, Sophia Webster, for her original design of the Evangeline Glitter heels which have inspired me. I am not responsible for other people’s actions should my DIY project inspire others to create similar products. 

7 thoughts on “Take Me Higher in Butterfly Chiara Heels!

  1. Congrats! I’m glad you’re going to wear them out! They sure are attention grabbing.

    It’s funny I was scrolling through the pics without reading and I was thinking they remind me of a cross between Barbie and My Little Pony. Then I saw you wrote they actually did a collaboration with Barbie! Good job on their part because I got the Barbie vibes without knowing that!

  2. Haha thanks Ginger, I agree! Sophia Webster has a very whimsical and girly fashion sense. I like her style and what a great entrepreneur she is in making her brand a success!

  3. I didn’t know you were into flashy/glittery so that’s a nice change from your usual more understated style. How much did they cost?

    BTW, check out my new red hair on Facebook! 😉

  4. I’m trying to add more flair to my boring style! I think I’ve always had a girly/adventurous side, but due to the conservative nature of my work restrained myself from going too extravagant 😉

  5. These shoes are so fun and cool and I admire how brave you are to DIY them! They turned out amazing! P.S.: I also love your Stuart Weitzman boots in your previous post!

  6. Thank you Anoninvan! I took a big breath and decided to give the DIY project a shot. I’m pretty amazed too at the outcome! If you have time, I think it’s always fun to try a new arts and crafts project!

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