Who Killed Detective CC?!?!

Christian Louboutin SS16 Baila Spike 100 in Patent Black/Leopard


When Christian Louboutin featured the “Who Killed Amazoula?” video clip on their website, I was immediately drawn to the red straps on a pair of spikey leopard heels worn by Detective Baila. I loved the whimsical storyline where Detective Baila was called upon to investigate the death of a rich socialite, wearing a pair of knee high leopard Amazoula heels, while it seemed like she had just applied her lipstick and was in the midst of getting ready to go out.unspecified

Detective Baila then interviewed the maid who was wearing the Wawy Dolly 120 heels in Shocking Pink. With the help of the guard, in a pair of dashing Laperouse dress shoes, he showed the detective around the home placing cards of suspicious items for further investigation.unspecified-3image-3

However, upon notification that Detective Baila went missing for a month, her colleague Detective CC was named the new chief investigator. As Detective CC entered the room, clad in a Burberry trench (yes both detectives have similar tastes in fashion and shoes lol), she noticed that the scene was somewhat different than what Detective Baila had described. The maid was not to be found, and the guard was gone as well! She quickly jotted down some notes in her Lanvin notebook of the Ron Ron heels in the original Shocking Pink from 2009 and Intern Spike Flats bearing the CL crest since 2012.IMG_5094 IMG_5049

Detective CC carefully analyzed all items that could be gathered as evidence. There were multiple CL lipsticks scattered all over the room, but only one in Sheer Voile with an interesting pearl chain… Was this Rouge only for a pretty face or the first trace to the case?IMG_5098

Detective CC decided to gather all pieces of evidence to bring back to her friend in forensics medicine as there could be DNA found in the Rouge lipstick and nail polish. The glass bottle of the nail polish showcased the most dramatic 8 inch heel ever created by CL which is not only a true “objet d’art” but potentially the object of choice as weapon…IMG_5135

However just as Detective CC was about finish collecting all the evidence and call it a day… The unthinkable happened – Detective CC was brought down!!! She clutched onto the pieces of evidence as she called out for help!!!IMG_5146

In the end, a piece of evidence was stolen!!!IMG_5147

Who was the killer? Who killed Amazoula? Where is Detective Baila? Save Detective CC!!!FullSizeRender

This story is inspired by Christian Louboutin’s Spring Summer 2016 collection’s campaign video which can be found on the official website or via Youtube:


The shoes are amazing¬†with¬†the mini spikes, and I’m just head over heels in love with them! I’ve seen a few versions of this style with the lower 85mm heels and flats, as well as in all white and black, but the 100mm black/red/leopard is what I really wanted. So I went searching for them all over and called every boutique that carries CL in my country. Unfortunately this was not available, and I had to order them from the States again. The extra customs and duties were all worth it because I love the them so much and they’re surprisingly very comfortable. My usual size was actually sold out and I was afraid that the smaller size that I ordered would not have fit, but I took a chance because the open back sandals are usually more forgiving in terms of fit. It turned out perfect in size and the straps too are perfect in fit.

Baila1 Baila2 Baila3 Baila5 Baila6Baila0

More pictures:

As seen on Britney Spears recently posing for V Magazine (black version with silver spikes)Britney-Spears-V-Magazine-2016-Cover-Photoshoot05

Carey Mulligan on the red carpet in the same black version:Carey-Mulligan

Jennifer Lawrence also in the black version:632e1866ba4a744b00f759eb1104e9ff

At Cushnie et Ochs’ FW15 backstage runway in the similar “Rivierina” heels:Christian_LouboutinNYFW_15_Cushnie_et_Ochs_1


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