Happy Easter!


Hope everyone had a great Easter weekend! I remember as a kid, I loved making Easter eggs. I’ve tried all sorts of ways of creating them, but the best method to keep the eggs for the long term is to actually blow out the contents from the inside! You will need eggs, a pin needle, and a bowl. The colour of the egg shouldn’t matter, but if you plan on paintingĀ the egg in light colours, it’s best to use white egg shells. Here’s my way:

  1. Take a small pin needle and gently make a hole at the top and bottom of the egg.
  2. Shake the egg with your fingers closing the holes. The shaking will loosen the yolk.
  3. Blow on the top part of the egg letting the contents come out from the bottom hole.
  4. Use a bowl to catch the egg yolk and white so that you can use it for cooking later.
  5. Run water inside the holes and shake the egg to clean the inside.
  6. Allow to dry for several hours (24 hours would be best).
  7. Ready for crafting!


Yes, I actually like shot glasses for this project because it helps to stand the egg perfectly. You can use all sorts of colours materials, from natural dyes, watercolour, to acrylic paint. I prefer the latter as it has a more even distribution and the colour is more saturated, whereas watercolour (e.g. the red egg below) can appear blotchy and doesn’t dry as fast in my opinion. Also with watercolour, when I do the final “sealing” coat, it tends to make the colour run since the sealant that I use is also water based.


Lastly, we also had some of these chocolate pretzel “nests” with jelly beans. Super cute and easy to make but a bit messy…

Anyhow, hope everyone had a great long weekend šŸ˜€


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