Sephora Stocks Tom Ford + 15% Off Promotion


Ok sorry, now everything’s sold out!!! I was super psyched when I found out per chance when browsing though Sephora online that they now stock Tom Ford cosmetics and perfume. The debut was April 1 online, and coming soon April 15 in stores. However, I was still not totally sold on Tom Ford’s cosmetics since I tend to be pretty loyal to Chanel and Guerlain. I’m also kind of a purist because I don’t really believe that a fashion brand should diverge into the realm of cosmetics… In addition, I already have so much stuff that I really don’t need more makeup!

Then Sephora just so happened to send out to VIB Rouge members a 15% discount affective last evening which completely threw me over because high end cosmetics rarely go on “sale.” I knew Tom Ford would be a fast seller but didn’t imagine that things would completely sell out in like 12 hours. The promotion code, ROUGENOTE, was supposed to be valid starting 12AM Pacific time, but I think it began 2 hours earlier when I checked to see if the code would work and it did! I knew what I wanted and checked out fast, besides the selection is small with only the Soleil 2016 collection available and nothing from the permanent collection. For the first time, I was also really impressed with how fast Sephora had shipped these out and my package arrived the next day!

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What did I purchase?
3 X Tom Ford Ultra-Rich Lip Color lipsticks
1 X Tom Ford Skin Illuminator in Fire Lust
1 X Alterna Caviar Replenishing Moisture Shampoo
1 X Alterna Caviar Replenishing Moisture Conditioner

I’ve heard of how bold and saturated Tom Ford’s lipsticks are in the permanent collection, so I really wanted to try the Ultra-Rich lipsticks. I was really not interested in the Moisturecore and Sheer ones, because I already have many other less pigmented lip colours. However once I tried them on, they really did not live up to my expectations… More recently I’ve discovered Louboutin‘s lipsticks which are phenomenal in pigmentation compared to these ones. Even relative to my Chanel and Guerlain products, they were all kinda sheer. So the title “Ultra-Rich” is not the most accurate in my opinion, but what I do appreciate is that there is NO SHIMMER/GLITTER! These days, I just want a pure colour, no fancy light reflecting stuff unless it’s very refined…

Ultra-Rich Lip Color in the following 3 shades:
Le mépris – bold pink with blue undertones which is probably my favourite out of the entire collection and I think most others would agree because it was the first to sell out.
Solar affair – nice coral pink, it’s pretty but my 3rd choice out of the three here.
Aphrodite – light fuchsia with blue undertones that’s more wearable for everyday.

IMG_5697 IMG_5698

I was also eyeing the Skin Illuminator in Fire Lust which I believe is a re-promote from 2013? I used to have very oily skin in my teens, then my skin changed to combo with age which allows me to discover various highlighters these days because in the past I steered far away from anything shiny. Especially in the winter when my skin is parched dry and pale, I like to give it a radiant glow to remind me of the summer days. I heard rave reviews of this Skin Illuminator which is why I purchased two of them! I haven’t tried them on my face yet, but on application to the back of my hand, it’s a sheer wash of coral shimmer. I’ve made a comparison swatch relative to similar products from Guerlain, Giorgio Armani, and Laura Mercier. My ratings on various parameters are as below:

Colour pigments:
Tom Ford >> Laura MercierGiorgio ArmaniGuerlain
Tom Ford definitely has a lot more pink pigments and Giorgio Armani has a white sheen.

Giorgio Armani >> Tom Ford > Laura Mercier > Guerlain
Giorgio Armani has bigger particles that are more shiny and reflective. It’s not glitter but a little too prom-like for me and makes me a bit white-washed in shade 2. Laura Mercier technically does not have any shimmer, but it has a very “radiant” glow which is really beautiful. Guerlain has the tiniest pearly shimmer ever and is definitely the most natural.

Tom Ford > Laura Mercier > Giorgio Armani > Guerlain
Guerlain is definitely the most sheer and has a bit of a watery jelly texture.

Guerlain is the most moisturizing with its hydrogel feel than any of the others which are all satiny when dry. Guerlain also has a bit of a dewy feel, which I love.

Final verdict?
Guerlain wins hands down for everyday wear year round! The collection has been around since 1987, and when a product has stuck around with all the advances in beauty these days, you know it’s been tried, tested, and true to performance. I absolutely love this stuff and who can say no to those beautiful pearl beads that magically dissolve with each pump? Yes it’s an old technology, but still gets me feeling giddy like a girl.

However if you have a special event in the summer and want a bit more “glow,” I would recommend Laura Mercier for the daytime; and either Tom Ford or Giorgio Armani for the night. Depending on how your skin tone is, I can imagine that Tom Ford’s illuminator will look great on very fair skin that needs a pinch more of a rosy colour whereas if your cheeks are already pretty pigmented or you wish to apply the product all over like the bridge of your nose, eyebrow, or forehead I would recommend Giorgio Armani’s because it’s more of a highlighter that can be applied more liberally than just the cheeks.

Tip: Again be careful with too generous application of Tom Ford’s product because of the pink colour you don’t want to look like you have a “radiating rosacea” face – Yes I do have rosacea which is why I’m a bit weary!


Lastly, I got a bunch of deluxe samples again with my reward points. Sometimes I get more excited with the samples than the products themselves. I was looking forward to try Josie Maran’s Argan Oil foundation which sounds pretty interesting, but I was not impressed despite all the good reviews. My hands are very dry and you can see the emphasis on fine lines all over my middle finger which is actually worse in real life than what this picture shows. The application was poor and overall extremely drying and blotchy in appearance.

I also bought 2 large bottles of Alterna Caviar Replenishing Moisture shampoo and conditioner. No pictures but this is my favourite hair brand for the past year. I absolutely swear by this brand and their products make my hair silky soft without stripping the moisture or colour. So with 15% off, I had to get the large value size to last for the next year! I’m also really excited to try the deluxe Alterna Caviar CC Cream for Hair 10-in-1 Complete Correction which I’ve heard amazing transformations of hair and styling.

Thank you for letting me share again! And remember that the promo runs until April 13, so be sure to check online for any other new or restocked items. Have a great weekend 😀

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