Grad Gift from Parents

^Daria Werbowy for Chanel ad campaign 2005 featuring the Anniversary 2.55 Reissue Classic Flap bag

As I’ve mentioned a couple of times, I’ll be graduating soon. I remember my parents saying a year ago that I can get *ANYTHING* I want as a gift (within reasonable means of course)! Back then, I was convinced that I’ll want LV’s Special Order Lockit PM in Patent Black Crocodile or an Hermès Birkin. However now that the time has come, I’m actually not fancying either one. Hermès is great for its leather and one day I’ll get a Birkin or Kelly for sure, but I really think that I’m too young now and I just don’t like the boxy styles. As for LV, ever since I left in 2008, I’ve had no urge to come back. Sure, there were a few items that I did get last year, but nothing makes my heart pound with excitement.

I have a confession to make: I’ve been recently lurking around in the Chanel subforum on tPF and interestingly something caught my eye… I’m kind of ashamed to admit that I’m drawn to Chanel now since I’ve always been a die-hard LV fan and anti-Chanel girl! lol Nonetheless, I’ve ALWAYS liked the Reissue since I first saw the ad campaign with Daria Werbowy for the anniversary of the 2.55 Classic Flap bag in 2005. I’m not too fond of Chanel’s quilted leather, especially with the Classic ones where the leather was more “puffy” and I don’t like the interlocking CCs. There was something about that picture with Daria and the bag had just the perfect amount of subtleness and class. All along, I was still waiting for an off-white reissue with gold hardware until now…

CHANEL SS11 Act I Dark White/Ivory Satin Calfskin 2.55 Reissue 227 with Gold Hardware

^Above: Official photo of 226 size from

Below: Pix of the smaller 226 size from the Purseforum

The bag is truly beautiful from the pix that I’ve seen on tPF. The color is off-white or “dark white” as they call it, with patches of beige tainted creating a marbleized effect. There’s also a slight sheen to it to help protect the delicate calfskin. Chanel’s calfskin is very durable, but many people thought this was lambskin because of how soft the leather is. The only downside apparently is that the lining is silk-satin, whereas the other regular 2.55 Reissues are leather, and they’re both the same price (which means relatively this satin-lined one is more expensive and luxe)! I would prefer leather lining for more durability.

My parents agreed to buy this for me and there are currently two available in our country, but only the slightly bigger 227 size is available. Apparently Chanel never sent the 226 size as seen in the above pix to our country. My only worry is that the 227 size will be too big on me since I’m petite. Whereas I do want to mainly use this as an evening bag, the size will make it more suitable as a day bag which means that the satin lining might eventually be a problem. Well we already reserved it in another city that has it in stock, so my dad will go pick it up in about 2-3 weeks since he’ll be there for a business trip. I guess I’ll try it on for size once he comes back 🙂

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