LV FW11 Runway Show

Let me summarize this show, brief and to the point:

Bags: Stunning, structured, classic Lockit styles
RTW clothing: WTF?!?! Gives me the impression of Dominatrix Maids On Strike!??
Shoes: Meh… Don’t care

LV should just stick to trunks and bags. I don’t get how fashion houses these days try to diverge into every realm of living existence. Take Herm├Ęs for example, from taming horses and making saddles, they’re now even doing kitchenware, albeit fine China and porcelain. Then there’s Versace’s bedsheets and home decor stuff, not to mention all the other brands like Burberry, Givenchy, and Dolce and Gabanna who are trying to grab a bite of the cosmetics industry. I honestly think the only two brands that have done well in an “all around” way are Chanel and Christian Dior – whether it’s fashion, leather goods, eyewear, or makeup.

I’ve never liked LV’s RTW clothes. They’re just unwearable and gaudy almost every season. Below are just a few examples of the better attires from the FW11 fashion show:

Photos from

^I like the purple fur coat!

^Jessica Stam with croc diamond Lockit Clutch

^Maid on strike ready to attack the masters once they get home…

^The boots are interesting…

^Kate Moss to end the show while smoking…

^I took images from the show and compiled them together. I understand that we’re in France here and smoking appears to be a habitual practice (even though the 2006 American Cancer Society says only 20% of women smoke in France), but really? Is this necessary? I just think it’s a wrong message to send out to youngsters. The last model on the runway is usually the most important, giving a finale to the entire show, and being the ONLY smoker at the end to strut down like so just baffles me, no matter how much I like Kate Moss.

Anyhow, onto happier things. The bags were gorgeous! I’m sure the retail prices begin at $3000+ and only the sky’s the limit considering the use of exotic skins. I’ve always liked the Lockit, especially the Suhali ones which are more horizontal in shape than the originals. These Lockits on the runway are perfect, just like the Suhali bags. Not only so, LV has a smaller version in a clutch style that has an attached bracelet as a wristlet. The bags are very wearable with perfect colors suitable for Fall/Winter. Get your name down on the waitlist soon!

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