Maxi Dresses for Petite Gals?


For the longest time, I thought I couldn’t wear maxi dresses because of my shortness at 5’2. However, recently I’ve had a complete change of heart ever since I tried on a long silk dress at H&M. I think it’s best to stick to straight A-lines and not go overboard with any fluffiness which will overwhelm our petite frame. Prints are fine too, just keep the motives small, again you don’t want any big flowers or geometric patterns to overwhelm you.

Today, I went to Walmart and surprisingly found two cute jersey dresses. People may find me weird in that I can spend a lot on bags and shoes, yet when it comes to most clothing (ie except for jeans, jackets, and special occasion dresses), anything over 30$ is expensive. Especially for mid-designer clothing like Guess, Marciano, Club Monaco, Miss Sixty, Parasuco, BCBG, or even Zara, I don’t think anything is worth 50-200$ in these stores. So if I were to spend this much money, I’d rather go online and get a top or dress from a real high-end designer which often goes on sale. I don’t even mind adding another hundred or two. You’ll get better material, craftsmanship, and they’ll be made in Europe. So yeah, I usually do NOT purchase things that are between 50-300$ on a regular brand lol. We all have our priorities 🙂

Anyhow here are my dresses today:

Black jersey maxi dress

I originally wanted the taupe color but they didn’t have my size. The black one is still very nice, except that I already have another black maxi dress from H&M. It also has some detailing around the waist (see boob shot lol). My mom really likes this on me. I’ll just have to keep in mind not to have the cats around whenever I wear this!


Leopard-Print jersey dress

Cute, comfy, casual dress. I just need to add a black belt…


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