About Me

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Welcome to my closet! I’m quite conservative and nerdy, but I have a secret that not many people around me know of – that is a love for fabulous quality items! This blog will be dedicated to all things luxury and fashionable that I’ve purchased within recent years, mostly comprising of bags and shoes, which have helped to motivate me through years of schooling and work pressures. My obsession started in 2005 and this hunger was continuously fed by The Purseblog, for which I’m an avid member since 2006.

You might notice that many pictures are watermarked with my Purseforum name “CEC.LV4eva” or “ceciliascloset” from my Instagram account ceciliascloset888. This blog will be of all things frivolous – please, no serious talk about politics, relationships, work, global issues, or what not! We can always go out for a coffee if you want to discuss more serious issues and I can be very opinionated…  Anyhow let’s keep things fun and light-hearted!

One of the main reasons why I started my own blog is so that my pictures can help you with your purchases. I often find when I do my research prior to buying an item, there is a lack of good quality pictures on the internet that can provide various angles of the product as well as modeling pix. So I hope that my blog can be of reference to you and I always try to take good pictures in bright natural daylight to get the best color! Happy shopping everyone and let me know if you need advice on locating any particular item as I’ve come to know some wonderful sales people over these years 🙂

You may download my pictures for personal use. Otherwise please contact me for permission of use and provide credit as I do for pictures that are not of origin by me. Disclaimer: Although I do occasionally post random pictures that I find online, sometimes I do not have enough information from the original owner. I do try my best to provide accurate information on all my sources.