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Let me just say that this is probably the most important page!

Most shoes need to be fixed, whether it’s the sole, too big, too small, bunions…etc. This page is dedicated to all fixer-uppers for shoes. With some little helpers (and a great cobbler), you can make the worst pair of shoes become your Cinderella heels. Here are my tricks:

– All Christian Louboutin shoes should get half-soled

CL is known for its red leather sole which has a high glossy, varnished finish. Although they’re beautiful to admire in the boutique, they’re most impractical when you’re actually wearing them. Not only does it offer no tracking, you’ll easily slip on ice in Winter or slide on carpeted floor. Due to numerous customer complaints, last year the company teamed up with Minuit Moins 7 in France and is now offering to have them officially half-soled. Nonetheless, the cost of shipping, insurance, and paying the cobbler works out to at least 150 Euros, it’s much cheaper to have the job done at your local cobbler’s shop which is what me and my other CL ladies do. It’s essential to find a good cobbler, so you’ll need to ask around your neighborhood for cobblers who mend designer shoes. Trust me, finding the right cobbler means the world because he’ll the one and only person you’ll trust and love with all your heart! 🙂 Anyhow, other benefits of getting your shoes half-soled include protection so that water does not penetrate the leather and it’s so much prettier to see a complete red sole, rather than a worn down dirty shoe. Good brands that match the CL red sole are Topy and Vibram.

– Another option for the sole is to just get the tip done as seen in the top-left corner of the pic below.

Some shoes that don’t need a half-sole like Jimmy Choos and Manolos can just have the pointy toe done which is the part that’s the most easily damaged in these types of shoes. I regret not having my MB Campari’s tips done…



– Foot Petals are great to cushion the ball of your foot, reduces pain when wearing heels, and help to make slightly larger shoes fit better

I personally like this brand because of its quality and that it’s made in USA. The price is 8.99$, but another cheaper alternative is Aldo’s foot pads at 3.99$. I normally don’t like Aldo, but their pads are great, especially if you have sweaty feet like me (I know, nasty lol). The felt fabric helps to absorb the moisture and prevents further slippage compared to the plastic gel kind.


– Dr Scholl’s Sole Expressions 3-Pack Insoles ~ 16$

We always need insoles sooner or later, so these are a great economical pack. I use these mostly in my boots. The quality is pretty good. They keep their shape and don’t get flattened out after an entire winter.


– Airplus Shoe Comfort Kit ~ 16$

This is a great kit that’s made in USA and includes three quick fixers: (1) gel pads, (2) clear sole grippers, and (3) gel heel pads. The sole grippers look white from the adhesive sticker. They’re actually clear so that they’re good for any colored sole. Although these are a quick fix, they’re not permanent, not waterproof, and will wear down much faster than if you were to get a half-sole. I would only use these for emergencies, like you bought a brand-new pair of shoes, have no time to take them to the cobbler’s, and still want to dance all night! As for the heel pads, they’re excellent! Just a little difficult to peel off the adhesive sticker.


– Dr Scholl’s Fast Flats ~ 16$

These portable, foldable flats are wonderful to change into whenever your heels start killing you! I remember all the times I hopped back home after wearing my 4 inch heels all day. I’m always so lazy to carry a pair of real flats with me because I’m a minimalist when it comes to carrying things in my bag. These flats from Dr Scholl’s are just the perfect small size to fit into any of my purses when tucked into the accompanying wristlet. They’re all PVC and made in China, but still very comfortable.


– Buy shoe accessories! Any quality fixers are worth investing! Group pic:

Keep these stocked up! Make sure to buy a bunch whenever they go on sale 🙂


– What do I do to fix shoes that are too large?!?!

Don’t fret! There are always a couple of tricks to make your shoes fit better. Nonetheless, miracles cannot happen if the shoes are more than 1 full size large. What you’ll need are 1 pair of Foot Petals (or other similar pads), 1-2 pairs of heel grips. If your feet are dry, go for the plastic-gel fixers, otherwise if you have sweaty feet stick to fabric, felt, or suede.

Step 1: Place the Foot Petals in place
Step 2: Place the heel grips in place
This may be tricky, but the longer side faces up and use your index finger to place the middle part of the grippers first onto the inner back of the heels, then roll the sides outward. Do NOT go from one side to the other! The alignment is very difficult to achieve in this case.
Step 3: Usually if your heels are just slightly large, step 1-2 are sufficient. However, if they’re really big, you may want to add this step before step 1 and place another heel gripper in the FRONT of the shoe, before you place the Foot Petals (you don’t want these to limit your view). By putting another heel gripper in the toe-box, this will push your entire foot upwards. Follow steps 1-2 as before. I’ve never done this myself because I’m usually pretty good at estimating what CL size shoes I need when I order internationally, but I heard it works well from other PFers. Your first few times may be hard, because you can’t see much given a smaller working field.

My Pigalle Plato 140 heels were HUGE. I could’ve gone down at least another half size as you can see from the huge gap in second pic. However the Foot Petals and heel grips worked like a charm! I’m very pleased!


– What can you do when your heels are too small?!?!

Sorry, there’s not much that you can do if the shoes are 1 size small… However, there’s hope if the material is fabric, kid, nappa, or suede leather and your heels are just slightly small by half a size. The fabric and leather will stretch with wear. You can also bring it to the cobbler to have them stretched out. However I highly recommend AGAINST this despite many people saying that the results are fantastic. I used to figure-skate, and had terrible pain from the immense pressure of the boot on my bones. So I had my 2000$ professional skating boots heated and molded to my feet. The result from this is that, yes they fit better, but the integrity of the boots were weakened if not destroyed. You may not see it, but microscopically it’s true. Just think about, it’s a huge metal machine tearing and stretching the leather! I’ve also heard some other wacko stories of ladies who stuffed their CL shoes overnight with an alcohol saturated cloth… I think the best way to wear a pair of thick socks and walk around in them at home to break them in faster. You can also try a shoe-stretcher which can be found on Ebay for under 50$. I’ve never used a stretcher before but it should do the job if you have wide feet.


– Blisters be gone!!!

My favorite is from Band-Aid. It’s mainly hydrogenated oil in a stick that decreases friction from all the rubbing. I haven’t tried the middle sticker type, but I did try Dr Scholl’s blister blocker which I find didn’t work as well as Band-Aid’s. These are great little fixers to keep with you on the go! The best way to prevent blister formation is still to get a quality pair of shoes that fit you well.


– Fix bunions, calluses, and corns:

Get Molefoam or cushions for corns and calluses! I personally prefer the cylindrical ones from Dr Scholl’s which worked wonders when I was figure-skating with an enlarged navicular bone. Molefoam requires cutting the pad.

– And of course, regular maintenance of your shoes and good foot hygiene with a nice pedicure are a MUST!




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  1. Hi,
    Cool site 🙂 I really enjoyed your tips. I just got my Cole Haan drivers, and unbeknownst to me, they run a half-size too big. I have a few of the items you mentioned in order to fix the issue, but I think the Foot Petals will make a difference. Thanks!

  2. Thanks for these tips! I also recommend a product called Tip Top Shoe Saver to remove bends and creases from the tips of your pointy-toe shoes.

  3. Great tips Cecilia! I’d personally recommend Sizers if shoe size and fit is an issue for you which I know is the case for a lot of women, myself included.

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