Ready to Go Out and About


Whenever I have a chance to go out, I always try to think of an outfit a few days ahead and play with different accessories. It also provides me with a chance to post on my Instagram account ceciliascloset888. The above picture was taken when I was preparing to go out to one of last year’s Christmas parties. My bedroom is kind of a mess on most days, so I generally don’t take pictures here! I had a few dresses in mind, but settled with my Roland Mouret Herbert wool dress which is more warm compared to some of my other dresses. It’s absolutely one of my favourites and can be worn with the sleeve on or off the shoulder. I was playing around with my shoes and wondering which pair to go with the dress and finally decided on these Christian Louboutin Lady Peep python heels, which I’ve never worn before.

FullSizeRender 2IMG_9010

Another outfit prep from late last fall is shown below of my Christian Louboutin So Kate heels with this gorgeous silk scarf which I wore to a really beautiful Indian restaurant. I had a lot of difficulty finding an accessory with these heels, but this scarf just compliments the watercolour theme so well that it’s become my go to accessory whenever I wear these heels. I paired it with a simple white dress to really emphasize the shoes and scarf.


I must have been very into the watercolour theme last fall! Here’s another outfit below of a very pretty dress that I purchased from H&M. I was told in the past that Asian skin tones generally should avoid yellow and green tones as it would make our skin more sallow, but I really loved this dress that I had to purchase it. I think it was also on sale too for $20 which was too good of a deal to pass! I love finding a good steal 😀 It’s also super comfy in a very stretchy neoprene kind of material, which will allow me to actually eat when I’m out for dinner. I paired it with a J Crew costume necklace and Christian Louboutin Altadama heels in Perche Soleil.


On another day, I missed my Christian Louboutin Filter pumps so I took them out from my shrine of shoes. These shoes are quite comfy and I thought I’d get a lot of wear from them, but somehow I haven’t been reaching for this pair all that often. I tried a couple of outfits, but they just don’t work for me. Unfortunately, I may have to let these go… *sigh* On the other hand, the colour is a perfect pairing with my Essie nail polish in Sole Mate and CL’s Miss Clichy lipstick, which I love for going out on a date. It’s rich and saturated in colour, but feels perfectly smooth and hydrating.


I often wear my Loubies for going out because they’re not that appropriate or professional for the work place. However, once in a while I’ll also pull out my Manolo Blahnik BB heels like when we went to this restaurant below. The “Titanium” colour is so versatile, I can wear it to work with a formal attire, or with a casual chic outfit, or make it more dressy like with this Mexx silk dress and glittering tights! These tights used to be my favourite because they’re super fun and keep me warm in the Winter months.

ExpressFullSizeRender 2 copy

Here I was just playing around for fun when I got this new Guerlain lipstick. It has more of an orange hue, or deep coral, or vermillion shade? I’m going to call it “Chinese red” lol! Initially I found it hard to wear, but I imagined it being paired with my Céline Trio and Christian Louboutin Jaws, both of which are not a true red. At least in the picture below, I think they look great together and could be worn with a simple LBD.


I think I was feeling feisty and needed to show my cougar side below! Raaaawwwrrr! No I’m just kidding! To this day, Christian Louboutin still makes the best leopard print. These So Kate heels and Sweet Charity mini-bag are the perfect example. I get so many compliments when I wear this duo together that they really call for a lot of attention – sometimes to a point where I feel uncomfortable… So a tip that I’d recommend is be sure to keep the rest of the outfit simple if you’re wearing something similar, especially in a leopard print! Unless of course you want the attention, then hold your head up high and strut your stuff girl!


Lastly to end the night, here’s a different kind of outfit in Agent Provocateur, which can only be paired with a pair of black patent Christian Louboutin heels! 😉 Even for this, I had to choose between So Kate or Pigalle 120? I can be so indecisive, but whichever you choose, make sure they’re sky-high and walk with confidence! Have a great night and weekend everyone!


The Nutcracker 2015


Sorry I’m trying to catch up to some old pix, but I’ve always loved the Nutcracker ballet that it’s become a tradition over the past few years. Despite seeing the same performance every year around Christmas, each time it’s still such a delight to rejoice around your family and loved ones. It really brings back childhood memories of adventure, love, and dreams of fantasy. It’s a real Winter Wonderland told in its most artistic form that I have to share with everyone about this awesome day!


I started the day early in the morning to get my hair done. I’ve been going to Aveda Institute for more than 5 years now because I really love their service where I can get everything done in one place: hair, makeup, and spa. The Academy is also a learning school so they have junior stylists which I prefer more than senior stylists. I’ve been to all sorts of salons and consistently the attentive service and end result of my haircut are better here. Not only so, I really enjoy their herbal tea. I think I was pretty sick one time with a cold, and this tea was just felt amazing against my sore throat.

Outfit of the day reference:
H&M top
Elie Tahari jacket
7 For All Mankind jeans
Rolex watch
Hermès CDC belt
Céline Trapèze bag
Manolo Blahnik BB heels

IMG_8939 Extensions

Then I headed to another salon to get a manicure, pedicure, and eyelash extensions. I could’ve stayed at Aveda for the mani and pedi, but I got a promotion to try their lash extensions which was something new that I had discovered last year. I’ve always wondered how some Asian girls had beautiful long lashes that did not look fake. I actually have pretty long lashes, but they’re very sparse as with my eyebrows. One day a friend revealed to me that she recently discovered them as well and I was really impressed! “Naturally,” I had to try them as well 🙂 Here’s a pic of my eyes looking in all directions right after the aesthetician applied them. If you’re interested in trying them, here’s the scoop of the nitty gritty details:

How long does it take for application? 1.5 – 2 hours depending on the aesthetician
How long do they last? 1 month or so if you only want them for a one time deal, and not long term
Longterm maintenance? Every 2-3 weeks for fill-ins, brushings, detangling…etc.
Downsides? Cost, cannot touch water for the first 24 hours, no oil-based eye makeup or skincare products, I had to change my skincare regimen and be careful when washing my face.
Can you see the glue? No, the glue is clear.
What kind of glue is used? Various types, but I prefer the medical grade.
What kind of lashes are used? I tried a few and Faux Mynx is the best and most natural for me. You can also specify the length and curvature of lashes. I use a variety for a more custom look – speak to your aesthetician for what works best with your eye shape.
Cost: Initial application is $100-150, and maintenance is about $60-80 for me.

So after 2-3 months I kinda get fed up with the high maintenance. It’s also recommended to give your lashes a break every 3 months. I personally have not found any damages done to my own natural lashes, but while I had the fake ones on, I did have to pull out a few that became twisted with the extensions. It’s hard to explain, but sometimes the extensions will criss-cross, become tangled, or turn upside down, that no matter how I brushed them, they’d still be a mess. So that’s when I’ll go see my aesthetician, or if I can’t make it in time, then I’ll have to resort to pulling them out >___<


Finally, I’m all made up and ready to go see the Nutcracker in Roland Mouret’s Angel dress, Iro fur jacket, Christian Louboutin Altadama water snake heels and lipstick in Miss Clichy. Accessories in Chanel, Rolex, and Cartier.

Of course after the show, I had to check out our city’s famous holiday display for 2015. Another childhood tradition that I’ve always loved to watch all the little puppets and dolls dance in preparation for the season. There’s always a cute theme that children adore and bring families together.

Thanks for letting me share my belated post!


Summer Ready in a Glittering Swirl of Shocking Pink

Christian Louboutin SS16 Pigalle Follies 100 in Shocking Glittart Patent Leather


I purchased these shoes a month ago and it’s been a while since I had one of these “had to have” moments. What’s so special about this pair? No – not the style, not the silhouette, not the colour; rather the return of an old pattern called “Glittart.” I have been interested in CL shoes for about a decade. I’ve seen how the brand went from barely known to being in the current spotlight for the most recent years. Many years ago, when I was just a newbie to designer heels, I loved the Glittart pattern which is a swirling mix of sparkling tone on tone colours all embedded within patent leather. So it really pays homage to the original design bringing back old school memories of when I first strutted down the streets in my Eventa Glittart heels after my university classes.


The glitter swirls don’t show up that well in this pic, but I really loved this sassy Mary-Jane style. They were great for everyday wear and easy to walk in with a mid-heel height of 85 mm. However, I’m done with practicality and subdued grace. My heart now yearns for the bold and beautiful, why dress down when I can dress up?! Reveal pix of my all grown-up version arching to be higher, taller, pointier, and hotter in Shocking Pink!!! 😀

PigalleFollies.ShockingGlittart3 PigalleFollies.ShockingGlittart4PigalleFollies.ShockingGlittart6PigalleFollies.ShockingGlittart5PigalleFollies.ShockingGlittart7

Other pix from Christian Louboutin‘s official website and Saks 5th Avenue when Monsieur Louboutin was invited for a signing event:


Last mod shot, sorry no outfit pix yet because it’s freezing cold outside and I feel that these are best with a summer dress which I’ll pair together in the future. As for the fit and sizing of Pigalle Follies compared to So Kate, they both run the same for me i.e. I take 35.5 for both shoe styles regardless of whether they’re 100 or 120 in heel height. CL has done a lot in the last 2 years to standardize their sizing system compared to a decade ago when shoes really had to be tried on in person as they were running all over the place. So kudos to them for really simplifying shopping especially for those who have never purchased their shoes before.


Comparison pix of So Kate 120 and Pigalle Follies 120 versus my new Glittart Pigalle Follies 100. First the 2 styles are very similar that I really have a difficult time differentiating the two (that’s why I actually whited out the label in the pix cuz I mixed them up lol). When the 120 is put next to the 100, there is a clear height difference. However, the human eye is not good at absolute comparisons, and the naked eye can only differentiate things when they are put relative to each other and this applies to colour tones, shades, sense of time, and much more. So what I really like about these 100 heels is that on their own, the shoes still appear very high while maintaining comfort, without having to resort to the extreme 120.

Hope the pictures, comparisons, fit and size suggestions helped everyone! Thanks again for letting me share and have a great weekend! 😀

Caribbean Adventures


Having grown up all these many years, I have a confession to make – I’ve never set foot in the sea! My family and I typically do not go to beaches. I’m not sure if this is just our family’s culture, but I suppose that we are very “active” and unless there are things “to do” as a rationale for why we should commit our time and money to a vacation spot, my family would not be interested. We always had a set agenda for the day which often included 3-5 site seeing places, 2-3 restaurants to tempt our taste buds, and some evening performance or show to attend at night. My life has been regimented to a T ever since I was young when my mother always stated, “as soon as you’re awake, you need to get out of bed and start your day,” as she did not endorse snoozing and never any eating in bed. So for once in my life, not having any daily schedules was a pleasant change although I did feel a little lost at first. It was the vacation of many first life experiences and to say the least most memorable of them all.

IMG_1923 IMG_1936

The beginning of the vacation was not as smooth… our flight was delayed for several hours and by the time we arrived, most of the restaurants at the resort were closed at 11PM. At least we took advantage of my Priority Pass and snacked on some goodies while waiting in the lounge area in the airport.

The next day, we immediately went to the beach to take advantage of the sun! We’ve been sheltered by it from the nasty cold Winter season that it was such a delight to feel the warm of the sun’s rays (even though I don’t like to tan too much! lol).


Everyday we either spent time at the beach or at the resort’s various pools and tubs. In the evenings, there were performances and several restaurants where we made reservations. Here we were heading out for dinner and I got to wear my new Louboutin Dorissima heels which was the only pair of nice shoes I brought with me. It so happened be Chinese New Year that day and I was able to splash a bit of red from the soles!


Although these were the only Loubies with me, I always have the Team Louboutin spirit when I had to dress down and be more casual for the day. There wasn’t a whole of walking to do, so I didn’t need to pull out my running shoes which I packed as well in case our trip turned more into a hike like with my family growing up, there was not a minute to sit on our exhausting trips. I really enjoyed the change of pace and that my vacation really was so sweet and relaxing in my Ferragamo flip flops, sun hat, and beach bag! I even found an ingenious way to eat my coconut: add Splenda and ice to really make it a refreshing drink! 😀


The most memorable part of my vacation? Going on an excursion to a private island where we sailed on a boat, visited a famous villa on top of the island, played in the crystal clear sea, and went snorkelling the first time!! I was terrified but I love adventures and new experiences where I played with fish in the sea, saw coral reefs, and gulped the most salty water in my life! Thanks so much for letting me share everyone and I hope you’ll all be able to enjoy some time off or get away from this Winter 🙂